Aquatic Exercise: 3 Fun Options

Aquatic exercise is an excellent low impact way of strengthening and toning your muscles while burning calories. Working out in water is also a lot of fun, and a variety of different routines can keep you motivated and enjoying yourself so you won’t dread the daily workout. Here are some fun options for aquatic exercise.

1. When You Have No Equipment

You can still work out in the pool when you don’t have any equipment handy. Try stretching your arms out until you are in a T shape. Keeping your arms straight, sweep your arms forward as rapidly as you can to clap your hands. Then, return to the T shape and repeat. Alternatively, form the T shape, try bringing your arms down to your thighs and up again, like you are flapping your wings. The water will add resistance to these exercises and work your arms and back.

You can also try The Wave Maker. Place your hands on the edge of the pool to steady yourself, then, with your feet together, kick like a mermaid as fast as you can for 60 seconds. Use your hands to keep yourself away from the wall. This works your abdominal muscles and your lower body.

2. When You Have a Water Noodle

Water noodles are cheap and widely available. Adding one to your workout will help to increase the number of exercises you can perform. One of the simplest is to hold the noodle with one hand on either end, and place your foot in the middle. Stomp your foot down as quickly as you can through the water and continue stomping for 60 seconds. Then switch to the other foot. This is excellent for toning your legs.

Hold a noodle to your chest, in chest deep water, with your hands centered and close together. Push the middle of the noodle down into the water as far as you can, keeping your back straight. Bring it back up slowly and repeat. The buoyancy of the noodle means you are working your arms and shoulders on both the downward and upward movement.

3. When You Have an Aqua Jogging Belt

An aqua jogging belt can hold you upright in deep water so that you can concentrate on exercising. Even just walking or running in the jogging belt is effective, but you can also use different movements to target different areas. Remember to try the belt in both shallow and deep water for different kinds of resistance.

Try pointing your toes and stretching your legs out in deep water, then bend your knees and bring them up to your chest. Try to use your abdominal muscles to pull your legs closer to your torso. Hold for a count of three, then slowly lower your legs back to the starting point. This will work your core muscles.

Aquatic exercise can be easily incorporated into an existing exercise routine to provide variety, or can be used by beginners as a way to increase muscle tone without the danger of injury. It is a fun, low impact way to get fit and burn some calories.


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