Applebees Nutrition Facts: The Pros and Cons

Applebee’s is one of the popular casual dining chains in America which has continued to provide innovative menus for those diners conscious of their diet. However, Applebee’s nutrition facts are lacking from a lot of the meals. While they do not provide nutritional information for the majority of their menu, they have adapted to America’s growing concern about diet, and have added a ‘lighter’ section to their menu. This is based on a popular program that counts points and allows diners to have healthier choices for eating out.

The Pros

Let’s take the time to commend Applebee’s. They are making the effort to help those of us who are concerned with our diets. The lighter options at Applebees offer a wide range of meals, from salads to steaks. The message is clear. You don’t have to deprive yourself in order to watch what you eat.

Also, if you are on a calorie counting diet or a point counting plan, then Applebee’s lighter menu provides all you need in order to keep yourself in line with your goals. Counting your points/calories is easy.

The lighter menus allows diners to not feel guilty while eating at the restaurant. Thus, one can still enjoy a family meal while staying within the guidelines of a diet.

The Cons

Despite the positive Applebee’s nutrition facts, there are obviously a few negatives. For example, the temptation that comes with eating at a restaurant such as Applebee’s can sometimes be hard to tame. The juicy burger you saw in an advertisement and have been craving may not be diet part of the menu.

Applebees meals also lack essential nutritional information. There is more to what you eat than the calories consumed. The lack of information regarding the sodium content, for example, will not help you maintain a healthy diet. Although the food may be low in calories and you may begin to lose weight, the weight loss may come at the cost of our health.

For those of you not following a point counting system, Applebee’s does not go far enough in providing information to support your diets. While it may be helpful to know the number of calories, fat and carbohydrates you are consuming, the lack of nutrional facts (vitamins and minerals) does not allow you to maintain a proper diet.

Indeed, the lack of information regarding the rest of Applebee’s food is somewhat worrisome. We must bear in mind that at the end of the day, if we choose to eat out, we are eating foods that we may not know the entire contents of.


Applebee’s nutrition facts are still missing a lot of information that conscious eaters need to maintain a healthy diet. However, we should be grateful for the information they do provide. For those of you following a calorie counting system, it helps you maintain goals. Always remember there is more to a diet than just just calories in food. You still have to be aware of how much fat, sugar, and starches are in a meal. If you want a healthy diet, use your head not your tummy to make your diet decisions.


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