Apple Shaped Women: 5 Tips for Toned Abs

Women who have an apple shaped body often struggle with toning their midsection and abs. A few simple diet tips, along with some helpful workouts, will make slimming down much easier. A healthy diet combined with regular exercise provides the best, all natural way to lose the pounds that have always bothered you, regardless of your shape.

Tip #1: Increase Your Cardio

Cardiovascular workouts not only improve heart health and endurance, they generally help you burn excess calories. When we consume food, some of the sugars and fats get stored in different areas around our bodies. For apple shaped women, the food usually goes straight to the hips and midsection.

In order to counteract this occurrence, you will need to spend more time on the treadmill or jogging. Jumping rope also acts as a good way to lose calories and shed fat deposits all over your body. Focus on changing up your cardio routine as well. Never do the same exact workout for longer than a month.

Tip #2: Decrease Your Saturated Fats

We know that some fats provide health benefits, while others only negate those positive effects. In order to keep your abs from becoming covered in fatty tissue, you must limit your intake of saturated fats. These fats carry a high amount of calories and become hard for your body to metabolize.

Most foods with saturated fats have other nutritionally-lacking additives and ingredients as well. Always check packaged food for nutrition labels regarding these ingredients.

Tip #3: Limit Your Sodium Intake

Sodium acts as an ion in our body, which helps retain water. In some cases, this helps our bodies carry out normal functions. However, too much sodium results in high blood pressure, heart damage and an abundance of water storage.

If you look at your abdominal section, pinch the excess skin, let go, and see a ripple type effect, you more than likely have a large amount of water retention. If you plan on showing your abs off, you will need to decrease your sodium intake to no more than 700 to 900 mg per day. Going over this limit generally increases the effect previously mentioned.

Tip #4: Drink More Water

In conjunction with decreasing your sodium intake, drinking more water will help flush your system of free radicals, excess fats, vitamins, minerals and sodium. Aim for at least 64 oz of water each day, but do not exceed a limit of over 2 to 3 gallons.

Too much water usually causes negative side effects because our systems become depleted of essential electrolytes and nutrients.

Tip #5: Carbohydrate Timing

Starchy carbs, such as pastas, grains and breads, tend to cause weight gain when combined with protein and fats. Fruits and other foods that contain simple sugars also have the ability to increase fat storage.

Instead of eating these types of foods in the afternoon and at night, consume them for your breakfast and before lunch time. We tend to become less active in the late hours of the day, and our bodies have less of a chance of using up these simple sugars. Instead, the carbohydrates become stored in your body as fat.


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