Apple Shaped? What Not to Wear

Apple shaped women, like women who are pear shaped or ruler shaped, are bound to look more flattering in some types of clothing than others. The key to looking good in any size or shape is to stick to styles, fabrics and color hues that are most flattering to your figure. There’s no sense in wearing something trendy or stylish if it doesn’t look good. Once you know what types of clothing look good on you, putting together a knockout wardrobe is a cinch. If you’re apple shaped, here are some things you should not wear.

Baggy, Shapeless Clothing

As an apple shape, your waist area is the largest part of your body. Many apple shapes try to conceal this physical attribute by wearing baggy clothing. A loose, shapeless blouse or dress will only make your mid-section look larger. You’re better off wearing a top or dress that draws the eye upward and fits more snugly at the top. Empire waists are flattering on virtually all body types and are especially flattering on apple shapes. It’ll give you some shape just under the bust and will flare away from your stomach.

Skinny Jeans and Leggings

Because your mid-section is the largest part of your body, your legs can look disproportionately smaller if you don’t dress your body correctly. Wearing anything that clings closely to your legs, like skinny jeans or leggings, will only overemphasize the fact that your mid-section is larger. Instead, opt for denim and pants that are trouser-cut. Trouser cut pants fit nicely around your hips with pant legs that fall smoothly away. Make sure the pants don’t have pleats on the front and zip on the side (if possible). You don’t want to add any bulk to the area just below your navel.

Clingy Fabrics

Clingy fabrics are great if you want to make a part of your body look larger, or if you want to show a particular feature off. As an apple shape, wearing any kind of clingy fabric will not be flattering because it will make your mid-section appear larger. Instead of clingy fabrics, opt for fabrics that are retain shape but with a little bit of give, like modal jersey blends or cotton blends.

Solid Colors and Large Prints

Wearing a solid color or a large print essentially “groups” your body–your mid-section will be encapsulated by the color or print you wear and all eyes will be on it. Since this is not the most flattering look, opt for variety. A color blocked dress, meaning a dress with one color at the bust, one at the empire waist and one at the skirt, breaks up your shape and gives the appearance of a smaller waist. It makes your body appear sectional and draws the eye toward your chest, face and legs. Another option is a tailored tweed jacket over a simple collared button-down shirt in a bright color or simple vertical stripes. The contrasting textures distract the eye and give you a pulled-together look.

Start with some basic pieces and slowly build. Every shape can look beautiful and fabulous–it’s a matter of knowing how to work with what you have.


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