Apple Shaped? 7 Tips for the Business Woman

Apple shaped women have a body shape that is thick at the midsection and waistline, but they often have shapely bustlines, legs, hips and ankles. Apple shaped women should wear outfits that emphasize their bustlines and create clean, straight lines from the bustline to the hips, with pretty, low heeled shoes that show off the ankles.

If you have an apple-shaped body, here are some business attire tips for apple shaped business women:

1. Wear Flat Fronted Skirts, Tops and Trousers

Flat fronted skirts, tops and trousers don’t attract attention to the waist and midsection. Choose tops, skirts and trousers with side and back zippers. Choose trousers and skirts without pockets. Avoid pleats and gathers at the waist; avoid tops with ruffles or other embellishments that draw attention to the midsection.

2. Choose Outfits that Fall in Straight Lines

If you’re an apple shaped woman, choose outfits that fall in a straight line from the bust to the hips to the ankles. Trousers should have wide legs; avoid tight trousers that cling to the figure and emphasize the thickness of the waist and midsection. Long jackets that reach the hips can be layered over tops in light, flowing fabrics for a more interesting, slimming look.

3. Wear Knee Length Skirts

Many apple shaped women have nice, shapely legs, and should accentuate this feature as well. Choose knee length skirts that fall in a straight line from the hip. Skirts in flowing fabrics and dark colors have a more slimming effect; bright colors and busy patterns may distract attention from your legs.

4. Wear Pretty Shoes

Pretty shoes with low heels are comfortable, and they don’t distort your posture. Since many apple shaped women have petite feet and shapely ankles, pretty business shoes combined with a flowing, knee length skirt can show off your best assets.

5. Wear Dark Colors and Monochromatic Outfits

Apple shaped women look best in dark colors, because they have a slimming effect. Choose simple patterns rather than complex ones that attract attention to your midsection. Monochromatic outfits can work well as business wear, since professional attire is often monochromatic. Simple patterns and dark colors make your body look longer and have a slimming effect, but you can make your outfit more interesting by wearing garments in different shades of the same color.

6. Avoid Shoulder Pads

Many tops and jackets, especially those intended for business wear, come equipped with shoulder pads. While women of other body types are advised to wear shoulder pads for their slimming effect, shoulder pads can make apple shaped women look top heavy and larger than they really are at the bust. Don’t wear shoulder pads; buy tops and jackets without shoulder pads or look for tops and jackets with removeable shoulder pads, then take them out.

7. Draw Attention to the Bustline

Apple shaped women can draw attention to their often shapely bustlines with a nice bra and a modest V-neck top. Ribbed fabrics also draw attention to the bust and have a slimming effect. Wear a pretty pendant with your V-neck top to enhance the slimming effect.


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