Apple Shaped? 3 Foods to Avoid

Apple shaped women face challenges in dressing, but their issues don’t end there. Research has shown that carrying extra weight around our midsections can be dangerous to our health. Pear shaped women store fat in their hips and thighs, and this fat tends to be passive and relatively harmless. Apple shapes, however, often carry extra fat that pads the internal organs. It’s called visceral fat, and it is an active type of fat that raises insulin levels and can lead to chronic inflammation, various types of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

What can you do if you’re apple shaped? Here are some foods that should be crossed off your list:

1.  Refined Sugar

You probably suspected it, and it’s true: sugary treats are not the apple shaped woman’s friend. We tend to quickly turn simple sugars into fat which pads those inner organs and wreaks havoc with our health. Try to eliminate as much simple white sugar as possible from your diet, and rely on fresh fruits for sweet cravings.

2.  Simple Carbohydrates

Just as with sugar, simple carbs (think white bread and most baked goods) are quick to end up around apple shapes’ middles. Aim to eat whole grain carbs: whole grain bread, brown rice, and other choices with complex carbs and lots of fiber so that your body will have to work to digest them.

Similarly, just say no to sugary cereals, cookies and crackers. Whole grains are the way to keep your apple shape from growing!

3.  Saturated Fats

Avoid fats that are saturated or hydrogenated. These are found in many processed, ready-made foods, and apple shapes tend to pull them directly to their middles.

You’re probably getting the idea: you should basically eat healthfully! Eat foods in as close to a natural state as possible, and cook your own food as much as you can, rather than eating out or buying things largely pre-made. Choose healthy fats such as canola and olive oil, and healthy high-fat foods such as nuts.

The dieting tips described above result in a low-glycemic or Mediterranean diet, which is a good idea for those with an apple shape. Focus on eating fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fat foods such as nuts, and healthy oils. This diet will help reduce the inflammation in your body that is more likely to occur for apple shapes, and will thereby lower your risk for various health concerns.

The low-glycemic diet is ideal for those with diabetes or those who are pre-diabetic as well, which is one risk of being apple shaped. Raw and natural foods help reduce the inflammation that can lead to increased insulin levels and can exacerbate an apple shape.

The good news for apple shapes is that their fat is more easily lost than that of pear shapes. Hop onto the healthy-eating bandwagon and your apple will begin to shrink before you know it.


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