Apple Cider Vinegar Diet: Pills vs. Liquid

The Apple Cider Vinegar Diet became popular in the 1950’s when Dr. D.C Jarvis maintained a belief that consuming the Apple Cider Vinegar Diet in pill or liquid form actually causes the body to dissolve fat rather than store it.

Dr. D.C Jarvis believes that when the body consumes apple cider liquid or dietary supplements before meals, cravings for food reduce. Therefore less food is consumed, which then reduces the overall calorie expenditure daily and causes weight loss.

As well as causing weight loss, the Apple Cider Vinegar Diet has a whole host of other benefits:

  • The Apple Cider Vinegar Diet is a positive aid to lower cholesterol levels naturally. A 2006 study on rats given apple cider vinegar showed a significant reduction in their cholesterol levels.
  • It is beneficial for diabetics. Studies on apple cider vinegar showed that consuming vinegar does lower the glucose levels in the blood.

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet: Pills

The pills are available to buy in health stores worldwide, and there are no guidelines as to how many grams to consume in order to lose weight. The normal dosage in supplement form is 285 mg, but always follow the instructions on the package. For those people who find the taste of vinegar unpleasant, dietary supplements work well. A study that took place in 2005 focused on eight varieties of apple cider vinegar pills and found that some labels do, in fact, give doubt as to whether they do contain the ingredients of apple cider vinegar. If you are concerned about the content of a particular pill, ask a health food store manager or grocery store manager who might be able to give you more information.

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet: Liquid

The liquid form of apple cider vinegar is ingested immediately, and gets to work on maintaining the alkaline levels in the digestive system as well as reducing the appetite before meals. Most individuals consume two tablespoons each day mixed with water or fruit juice to minimize the bitter taste.

Negative Impact

  • The high acidic levels may erode tooth enamel, especially if consuming the liquid form. Drink through a straw, and do not overdose to protect the esophagus and digestive tract from damage.
  • Too much apple cider vinegar may affect the levels of bone density, as well as potassium levels.
  • It may prove to be problematic with certain medications. Always discuss any changes to your diet with your physician.

The Verdict

In conclusion, the Apple Cider Vinegar Diet is beneficial – whether taken in pill or liquid form – to follow over a short period of time as an aid to weight loss. However, it is important to discuss your weight loss goals with your physician in order to protect the health of your digestive system. Always read through the pros and cons of any weight-loss program such as the apple cider vinegar diet.


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