Anne Collins Vegetarian Quick-Start Diet

The Anne Collins vegetarian quick-start diet is but 1 of 9 diets offered on her website. Here’s a quick look at this diet.

The Premise

For those wanting to start a vegetarian lifestyle and aren’t quite sure how to start, or for those who are thinking about a vegetarian lifestyle and just want to try it out for awhile, this Anne Collins diet provides a 4 week vegetarian diet plan.

The Diet

Unlike other diet plans by Anne Collins, this diet does not provide a specific menu of foods. It offers over 90 vegetarian recipes, including those with dairy and egg products. Calories are included for every meal and 1250 are recommended for each day. The diet includes plenty of substitutions to keep dieters from becoming bored. It even includes some vegetarian fast food options.

What to Get Excited Over

In addition to the vegetarian quick-start diet, a membership to Anne Collins’s website gives access to 8 other diets, as well as many tools to aid weight loss goals (such as BMI and calorie calculators and a huge community forum to go to for support). Anne Collins herself even uses the forum, so all dieters on this plan have access to her expert advice.

The vegetarian quick-start diet gives any dieter thinking of going vegetarian a chance to try it out before taking the plunge. The diet lasts for 4 weeks and after that, dieters can try another plan—including a vegetarian for life diet plan.

Things to Consider

The Anne Collins vegetarian quick-start diet falls under the category of a fad diet. Dieting is a lifetime long prospect and any diet that promises only a short term solution is not usually very helpful to dieters. For example, the key to healthy long term weight loss is not only dieting, but also getting plenty of activity and exercise. Anne Collins does not promote exercise with this or any of the other 8 diet plans on her website. In fact, she encourages diets with such low calorie contents that it would be impossible to exercise efficiently. You’d be too tired and not have enough energy!

In addition, the low calorie content has some dangerous effects on the body. It causes your body to go into starvation mode, where it hordes the few calories you gain as fat. Plus, it burns muscle mass instead of fat, because muscle mass needs more calories to maintain. This effectively makes it harder for you to exercise and lose weight. Finally, low calorie diets lower your metabolism, making it harder to lose weight in the future.

Lastly, Anne Collins charges $20 per year for access to her website. While this may seem like a deal to many, she doesn’t actually offer anything that can’t be found elsewhere for free.

The Verdict

While there are some good points to the Anne Collins vegetarian quick-start diet, the drawbacks may not be worth the advantages.


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