Anne Collins Low Glycemic Index (GI) Diet

Claiming more than 20 years as a nutritionist, Anne Collins has made available a total of 9 different diets to dieters everywhere. One such diet is a low-glycemic index diet.

The Premise

The Anne Collins low-glycemic diet, like any low-glycemic diet, is meant for those who suffer from diabetes to help control their blood sugar. The glycemic index is a ranking of foods full of carbohydrates based on the rate at which they raise blood sugar. The Anne Collins low-glycemic diet is a low-calorie diet that is full of foods that are low on the glycemic index.

The Diet

The diet itself is a 28-day plan that provides meals and meal substitutions for a low-glycemic diet. It includes snacks, shopping lists and even fast food options. Once a dieter has completed the program, she can continue it again, begin another one of Anne Collin’s diets or continue with another diet of her choosing.

What to Get Excited Over

Anne Collins provides many advantages to her members. None of her diets, including the low-glycemic diet, require dieters to purchase expensive and unnecessary supplements and appetite suppressants. Membership with Anne Collins also provides many tools for dieters, such as BMI and calorie calculators and access to a forum of other like-minded dieters who can rely on each other for support. Anne Collins herself even posts and answers questions in the forum, giving every dieter in this program access to the founder of the diet.

Things to Consider

As with any diet, there are drawbacks to the solutions the Anne Collins low-glycemic diet provides. Anne Collins charges $20 per year for membership to access tools and information that you can find for free anywhere. There is nothing particularly spectacular about Anne Collin’s diet plans that make such an investment worthwhile.

In addition, Anne Collins does not promote any exercise program at all, focusing her efforts solely on diet. Long-term weight loss is a balance between a balanced, healthy diet and plenty of activity and exercise. Without a solid foundation of both concepts, even the best diet in the world will not help you lose weight and keep it off. Once you complete Anne Collin’s 28-day plan and return to your normal habits, you will regain the weight lost.

In addition, the diet plans in the Anne Collins low-glycemic diet are low-calorie diets that barely, if at all, provide enough nutrition for the body to sustain itself each day, much less be able to exercise. It’s a good thing that Anne Collins does not promote and exercise plan because on the calories you’d eat, you wouldn’t have the energy to exercise!

The Verdict

While Anne Collins provides many good tools out there, her low-glycemic diet may not be the best option out there. You can find plenty of support and information for a diet to control your blood sugar without having to starve yourself or pay extra money.


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