Anne Collins Low Carb Diet

Anne Collins is a nutritionist who has developed 9 different low-calorie diets. One of these diets is a low-carb diet.

The Premise

The Anne Collins low-carb diet is a 28-day program designed to help reduce your cravings and lose weight fast. The claim is that the Anne Collins low-carb diet helps you lost weight at the fastest rate possible.

The Diet

The diet is divided into 2 phases of 2 weeks each. The first week only allows around 30 g of carbohydrates each day. During the second week, the number of carbohydrates allowed goes up—to around 55 g each day. Once the 28-day diet is completed, the dieter can either repeat the diet, try a different Anne Collins diet or move on to some other diet plan.

What to Get Excited Over

Anne Collins provides 4 weeks worth of meals—3 low-carb meals each day in addition 3 snacks. Complete calorie and carbohydrate information is provided for each meal, making it easy to keep track. Plus, unlike many diets, Anne Collins provides a full list of food substitutions, so that a dieter can more easily find foods they enjoy.

In addition to the above, all Anne Collins diets provide a support system of forums, including the ability to ask her questions directly. There aren’t many diet programs that allow you personal access to the founder of that diet.

Things to Consider

Low-carb diets are fad diets that disallow for the use of particular foods, and this Anne Collins diet is no different. Anytime a diet limits a certain type of food, it can put you at risk for certain deficiencies. This diet only allows 30 to 55 g of carbohydrates, which is much lower than the USDA recommended amount of carbohydrates.

Furthermore, most menus on the diet are only around 1100 calories. The body needs many more calories than that just to maintain itself, not to mention provide energy for exercise that will aid in a healthy weight loss. The Anne Collins diet does not even promote any exercise program, which is just as well, since you probably wouldn’t have the energy to exercise on this diet.

By not learning good exercising habits, any weight lost on the Anne Collins low-carb diet is likely to be regained once you are off of it. Keeping healthy is a delicate balance between diet and exercise or activity, and any diet program that does not encourage both will not be able to sustain you over a lifetime.

Lastly, Anne Collins charges $20 for access to her website. For all of this you gain access to 9 different diets, including the low-carb diet, plus access to her forums and the support of other members. However, the information on her website and support of other members can be found in hundreds of other places online for no charge.


Anytime someone promises quick results and then asks for your money, you should reconsider other options. Weight loss is not something that can be fixed in just 28 days. It is a lifetime commitment to following a balanced diet and engaging in plenty of exercise.


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