Anne Collins 14-Day Low Calorie Booster Diet

Anne Collins has 9 diet different programs that you can choose from, including a short 14-day low-calorie booster diet, which is designed to help dieters who are stuck on a weight loss plateau.

The Premise

The Anne Collins 14-day low-calorie booster diet provides a short-term solution to help you reduce weight quickly by limiting calorie consumption to 1000 calories a day. The program only lasts for 2 weeks and is helpful for dieters who have reached a weight loss plateau where the weight refuses to come off.

The Diet

Anne Collins provides 2 separate lists of 3 meals and 3 snacks for each day of the 14-day plan. One list contains the information for home cooked meals that require time for preparation. The second list contains information for fast food items that can be eaten on the go for the busy dieters. The lists can be mixed interchangeably, as long as the total calorie count doesn’t exceed 1000 calories.

What to Get Excited Over

Membership on Anne Collins’ website allows access to not only the 14-day low-calorie booster diet, but 8 other diet plans as well. In addition, membership gives dieters access to many weight loss tools, including access to Anne Collins’ community forum and personal access through the forums to Anne Collins’ 20+ years of experience as a nutrition.

Anne Collins does not restrict the kinds of food you can eat on this program. Anything from fruits and vegetables to fast food can be eaten—as long as you follow the diet plan and only consume 1000 calories each day. Since Anne Collins provides the menu, it does not require dieters to count every calorie they eat. Just follow the plan. It’s simple.

The emphasis on all Anne Collins’ diet plans, including the 14-day low-calorie booster diet, is on the diet itself. Therefore, there are no expensive drugs or supplements that dieters are required to take. This not only reduces the cost for the dieter, it’s also healthier.

Things to Consider

This is a short-term diet plan designed to quickly shed the pounds off a dieter. Therefore, it has many disadvantages that you wouldn’t find in a long-term diet plan. A restriction of 1000 calories in one day is dangerous for many reasons. The body will go into starvation mode and lower your metabolism. You may lose weight in the short term, but the damage to your metabolism will make future weight loss even harder. In addition, you may just regain all of that lost weight once you go off this diet plan.

In addition, Anne Collins does not focus on exercise, an important part of any long-term weight-loss strategy. In fact, with only 1000 calories a day, you will not even have the energy to be able to exercise. That combined with the starvation of your body will actually cause a reduction in muscle mass, making it harder to exercise in the future!


Reaching a weight loss plateau can be frustrating for every dieter, but in the case of the Anne Collins 14-day low-calorie booster diet, there may be better ways to get passed it.


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