Anne Collins 10-Minute Meals Diet

Anne Collins’ 10-Minute Meals Diet is a flexible weight loss solution for busy people who don’t have time to count carbs, keep track of calories, or spend a lot of time menu planning or preparing meals.

Anne Collins has been helping people lose weight and find a better way to a healthy diet since the 1980s. She is a nutritionist and professional weight loss consultant.

Diet Right?

If you need to lose weight, but find many diet plans too restrictive, complicated or time-consuming, then this is the diet for you. Anne Collins has taken the fuss out of dieting and made it practical and accessible. Whether you dislike cooking or simply don’t have the time to cook, this 28-day meal plan helps you lose weight by eating healthy, easily prepared or pre-prepared meals.

Do you like flexibility or do you prefer not having to think about planning meals? You can choose how and what to eat via the 10-Minute Meals diet, or follow the menu plan exactly. It’s up to you. Anne Collins gives you the option of creating delicious 10-minute meals, eating fast food, or enjoying frozen convenience meals. There is also an option to prepare meals in advance that you can freeze and eat later whenever you’re in a hurry. There are even snappy take-to-work meal options.

Success Expectations

You will lose weight on the 10-Minute Meals Diet because it resolves issues that get in the way of success. One of the reasons weight loss strategies fail is that as good as any plan may sound; following it in the real world isn’t always practical. There are so many traps and temptations: from the call of the fast food restaurant to the bakery you pass on your way to work. When you’re in a hurry–and hungry–when you don’t have time to plan and prepare what you’re going to eat for the day, giving up on your diet is practically a given. With the 10-Minute Meals Diet, you can eat sensibly–when you’re hungry–and that adds up to success.

Foods to Consume

You eat three meals daily: breakfast, lunch and dinner. And depending on how much weight you want to lose and how quickly, you can choose snacks from the calorie-controlled snacks list. Since you are allowed to choose between fast food, convenience meals or pre-prepared meals, you have a wide range of food from which to choose.

For breakfast, you can eat toast with peanut butter, oatmeal with walnuts and raisins, or pancakes with berries and bacon.

Lunch can be pizza, a BLT, or a frozen convenience meal such as bow-tie pasta with chicken.

Dinner includes options such as a bacon cheeseburger, turkey with rice, or a frozen convenience meal of baked fish.

Snacks are optional. The snacks list is extensive and allows you extra calories based on how much you have to lose. Snack options include: granola bar and milk, coffee mocha and a cookie, peanut butter on crackers, or graham crackers with chocolate spread.


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