Amino Acids And Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals

Studies are now finding that there is a definite connection between amino acids and weight loss. If you have been attempting to lose weight, you may have overlooked the possibility that amino acids are prohibiting your weight loss efforts.  Amino acids are the building blocks of everything that is made and workable in our bodies: from all the physical things our bodies possess to the chemicals and enzymes that are central to our body’s biochemistry. For the purposes of weight loss and diet, our main focus should be on:

  • L-Carnitine
  • L-Tryptophan
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Phenylalanine

How Do Amino Acids Aid Weight Loss?

All amino acids are the building blocks of several different functions within the body.  L-Tyrosine works with the amino acid phenylalanine to produce active amines called catecholamine’s, which include epinephrine, dopamine, and norepinephrine. These catecholamine’s trigger effects in your brain, related in some part to your diet and needs.

Phenylalanine works as the release of a chemical called cholysystokinin to regulate your brains ability to realize you are hungry or if you have eaten to your fill.  It converts into Epinephrine, which also brings down your desire to eat.  More importantly, the phenylalanine gives your body the signal to stay at your desired weight once it has been reached.

L-Carnitine is a natural weight suppressant as well, however, it actually transfers fat to the mitochondria chambers in your body’s cells to be metabolized into energy and not stored as fat.  With a deficiency in L-Carnitine, your body will not metabolize energy right and your body will not work to its full capacity. The amino acid L-Tryptophan works as a precursor to serotonin, which alerts the body when you have had your fill of food.  This amino acid is usually at low levels in the body because since it is grouped with the other amino acids on the way up to the brain, only a small portion of it is received, and so our bodies can hardly keep up with the right levels.  Enough of this amino acid counters over-eating and obsessive-compulsive actions.

How to Supplement

Since the production of any individual people’s hormones, chemicals, and effects of amino acid supplementation vary greatly, it is important to first find out current levels of amino acids within your body.  With this information, a specialist in amino acid supplementation will be able to recommend a precise program for you.  They will take into consideration all things such as diet, nutrition, and other supplements or medications you may be taking.  They will prescribe a schedule that might include taking certain amino acids in between meals (or whenever amino levels in your body would benefit from it).

Things to Consider

Other supplementation that are derived from certain amino acids are also sometimes used in a healthy regimen of diet and exercise to “kick-start” the weight loss process. Things such as Hoodie, a derivative of the succulents family from Southern African countries, contains L-Phenylalanine and is touted for its ability to suppress hunger. It is a natural, herbal weight loss supplement. Be aware of all the ingredients, as well as proper dosage amounts whenever incorporating any weight loss supplement into the mix (along with the amino acids). You should always know that supplementation is only most effective when used with the correct diet, proper nutrition, and regular exercise.


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  • Joe McKnight

    I just ordered your product and as I punched the order button I noticed my email was wrong. It did not have a i in roxi.

  • gilda gamboa

    how to loose fat mass ,but i do not want loose weigt i workout 4 or 5 times a week ,i am loosing muscle, before my body mass was 20.2, now is 20.7., i want strong muscle, and rich body mass to at least 18 or less ,what to do,i eat healthy foods,veggies fruits whole food, etc,etc thank you

  • Gabrielle

    Hello Joe and Gilda, Branch Chain Amino Acids work by feeding muscle and burning fat, in essence trading fat for muscle. Catalyst is an excellent dietary amino acid supplement that will accomplish that. Formulated by highly recognized physicians with the latest scientific research, It is used by professional athletes in the NFL etc, and is certified banned substance free.

  • Vicki

    Do you take a day off in between workouts, or do you work out every day?
    Work out every other day. Consume a lot of protein (especially fish). Your body needs the protein for building muscle mass, but it also needs time off for your muscles to repair themselves. When you work out, your muscles get lots of little tears in the tissues. Resting gives your body time to repair the tears in the muscle tissue. This creates scar tissue which is what actually increases your muscle mass. Also, make sure to have a recovery drink after your workout. Chocolate milk works fine, you don’t have to pay for fancy sports drinks.

  • Mandy


    i wanna know is tis product suitable for women. or more specificly is amino acid sut for woman n do we need to take doct advice before consume it…

    i wanna lost few kilos since im really heavy weight now.. n will married soon…

    please advice me..
    thank you