Almond Milk vs. Milk: Which Is Healthier?

Out of the many milk choices, almond milk and dairy milk have many similarities. Both of these milk options provide us with multiple health benefits. Each of the two beverages also contains a wide a variety of vitamins and minerals, all of which help us achieve a stronger sense of well being.

Dairy and Almond Milk Variation

We must first know that several dairy milk varieties exist. Different fat contents change the nutritional value of dairy milk options. Whole dairy milk contains almost 150 calories per serving, while fat free milk has around 90 calories per serving. In many cases, the variation between the fat content in dairy milk also changes other nutrient values, including sugars, vitamins and cholesterol.

This type of variation also occurs in almond milk products. Several brands develop their product around taste, while others target health conscious consumers. One almond milk variety will contain far more sugar than another type, based on flavor additives. Plain almond milk, however, contains limited sugar, carbohydrates and calories.

Similarities – Dairy Skim and Plain Almond

The skim variety of dairy milk greatly compares to plain almond milk. Both have low calories, low to zero fat content and no cholesterol. Both of these milk options also have no cholesterol and low sodium.

Fat free dairy milk and the almond choice contain limited amounts of carbohydrates and sugars when compared with other varieties. Each of the beverages contains B Vitamins, calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin A,and other beneficial nutrients.

Differences – Dairy Skim and Plain Almond

Almond milk has slightly less sugars than skim milk. The plain almond choice has about 7 grams of sugar per one cup serving, while fat free milk contains about 12 grams.

Nearly all varieties of dairy milk, including skim milk, contain more protein than almond milk. The plain variety of almond milk only has about 1 gram of protein per cup. Fat free dairy milk has around 8 grams of protein per serving.

Almond milk has slightly more sodium than the dairy alternative. Skim milk does not have as much iron as the almond option, but it does contain more calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Health Benefit Debate

Since dairy milk contains lactose, a naturally occurring sugar, many people do not have the ability to safely drink the product. A large percent of the human population in the western hemisphere still have not gained a complete tolerance to lactose. Many people suffer when they consume dairy products, including milk.

However, dairy milk does provide a source of protein, a wide nutrient content, low calories and no fat. Almond milk the same minus the major protein source.

When it comes down to it, both are healthy options. If your body allows you to drink dairy milk, go for the non fat variety.


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