After Pregnancy: Diets to Quickly Lose Baby Weight

Although around 10 to 14 pounds are lost after childbirth, including the baby’s weight, the placenta and amniotic fluid, there is still much to do about the remaining weight. Below are some pregnancy diets to help you lose that baby weight:

Low-Fat Foods

Just like any other person trying to lose weight, choose foods that are low in fat. Cutting on calories will indeed help you get back that rocking body you had before pregnancy, but you do need an adequate amount of calories to share with your baby when breastfeeding and to energize your new lifestyle. Energy will come from the food you eat. It’s okay to skip the dark meat and skin on that roasted chicken, but remember that meat is good for you. You can also go for low-fat dairy products such as yogurt, low-fat cheese and skimmed milk.

Be Rich…on Vitamins

Stock up on fruits and vegetables. These are rich on vitamins and nutrients that will not only help to quicken your body’s recovery process, but also in keeping you full and satisfied. When you get the urge to snack on something, grab an apple instead of those sinful bag of potato chips.

Alternative Protein Sources

Your recommended and much-needed protein can come from various sources that are equally healthy than their fattier counterparts. Try skinless poultry, beans, most fish, and the lean parts of beef and pork. Aside from protein, they are also rich in zinc, iron and B vitamins.

The Basic Diet Rules

Don’t forget the few simple rules for people who are trying to lose weight. It’s not bad to eat. Don’t starve yourself because you don’t deserve that punishment. Instead, eat smaller portions during mealtime or eat only when you’re feeling hungry. This way, you don’t deprive yourself and avoid the urge to eat a lot when you do eat. In addition, add a good dose of exercise to your routine and make it a habit. Not only will it help in weight-reduction, it can also help to lighten your mood and avoid post-partum depression.

Giving birth and seeing your baby could be the most exciting part of your life. But, be careful not to fall into the pit of depression and hopelessness, especially when it comes to your body. With a bit of effort and some support, you’ll definitely be back in shape in no time.


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