Adjusting Your Diet According to Skinny Bitch

The Skinny Bitch Diet is more of a lifestyle change than a step-by-step diet program. Be prepared for a drastic diet and lifestyle overhaul–no simple adjustments here. When you’re ready to be a skinny bitch, here are the diet changes you’ll need to make.

Kiss Meat Goodbye

Yes, you can lose weight while eating meat, but you can’t live the Skinny Bitch lifestyle if you do. The Skinny Bitch diet isn’t so much about loosing weight and being skinny as it is about being more aware of the food you’re putting in your body. The diet emphasizes a vegan lifestyle primarily because of the moral issues that come with eating meat. Chapters of the book illustrate the animal cruelty atrocities that occur in meat processing.

Banishing meat from your diet is no easy task. Rather than going cold turkey in your approach, consider first starting to incorporate alternate non-animal-based protein sources to your diet (think beans and legumes, tofu, imitation vegan meats). Begin eating one non-meat based meal every day to slowly ween yourself off of animal-based protein. Over the course of time, you can transition into a diet void of meat.

Kick Sugar to the Curb

Again, no one said this diet is about simple adjustments! The authors of Skinny Bitch refer to sugar as “the devil.” Sugar, and its substitutes, have no place in this diet. To adjust your diet, begin by making a clean sweep of your refrigerator and pantry. Read the ingredients on all foods. Is sugar on the list? If so, then toss it. Remember, sugar comes in many forms–high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, honey, dextrose and brown sugar, just to name a few. If you want something sweet, fruit is your best option. You can use natural sources like beet sugar, evaporated cane juice and brown rice syrup for sweetening.

Toss the White Flour Products and Junk Foods

Eliminating junk foods comes as no surprise, as most contain some form of sugar and a laundry list of other processed ingredients. You’ll also need to nix the white flour products and replace with those made with whole grains like brown rice and whole wheat bread. Adjusting this part of your diet should be the simplest, as your normal junk food snacks can easily be replaced by a piece of fruit, and all white flour products have a whole grain counterpart. Keep in mind that you cannot drink alcohol (other than organic red wine) on this diet, either. Start by cutting back on your normal intake until you drink only water and tea.

Embrace Veganism

Not only do you need to nix actual meat, but all animal products as well. Swap your dairy products for those that are soy based, like soy milk and cheeses.

Go Organic

Skinny Bitch encourages eating only organic foods. Shopping at a Whole Foods (or a similar store) will help you in your diet adjustment since these kinds of stores have a larger selection of vegan products in addition to a great fruit and vegetable selection.


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