Acai Berry: Myth vs. Fact

The acai berry is all the rage right now. These berries are round, smaller than a grape, and produced in two different crops each year. The hype behind the acai berry is that these berries work at a great dietary supplement. The acai berry is sold in many different forms, such as tablets, juices, smoothies, instant drink powders and whole fruit. The marketers of these products make many claims about what the acai berry can do. The question is if all of the claims are true.

Myth: All Acai Berry Products are the Same

Fact: There are many different companies out there selling acai berry products. These companies all make many different claims about their products. Even though the acai berry is all natural, not all of the products made with the berry are produced to do the same thing. Some focus on weight loss, others claim to increase energy and others rid the body of toxins. Depending on what type of effect you want from these berries will determine which acai berry product you need to buy.

Myth:  The Acai Berry is Just Another Berry

Fact: While the acai berry is another berry in the fruit group, this berry is said to have natural abilities to help the body to lose weight. The berry is made up of a small seed and a succulent part that surrounds that seed. In this succulent part promotes weight loss, increased energy and cleaning the body of toxins. Because this is an all natural product with these amazing abilities, more people want to use it because it is less likely to have negative effects on the body.

Myth:  The Acai Berry is an Appetite Suppressor

Fact: One of the qualities that the acai berry is said to have is the ability to boost the rate of caloric consumption in the body. This increase in the rate that calories are burned causes the body to lose weight faster.  This berry also activates the production of certain hormones in the body that tells it when to eat and when it is full.  The less of this hormone there is in the body, the more likely someone is to overeat, causing them to gain weight. The acai berry increases this hormone so the body will want to eat less often.

The acai berry is not just another berry. The berries themselves have amazing qualities and people are excited to take advantage of those qualities. To get the full benefits of these berries, they need to be part of the everyday routine. The berries themselves will be beneficial, but to keep those benefits going, they need to be part of a good diet and exercise routine. Different companies carry different versions of the acai berry, so do some research before buying in order to be sure that you are getting the results you are looking for.


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