Acai Berry Colon Cleanse: Does It Work?

Acai is a small berry that resembles a blueberry, only it has less pulp, and it goes rancid within a day of picking. Therefore, the acai berries are freeze dried to preserve the nutrients and sold as supplements or in powder form. You can also get acai berry juice, as well as the frozen pulp. All forms of acai are equally nutritious.

The acai berry colon cleanse helps to clean the body from the inside out, so that it can function at its best once again. The colon cleanse is in the form of a pill which you take twice daily for 2 months along with an additional acai supplement.

Why a Colon Cleanse Is Essential

The colon contains more waste than any other part of your body. Animal products, such as meats, dairy and eggs, as well as processed foods, and foods that are high in sugar, can build up in the colon over time. This can result in gastrointestinal disorders, such as constipation, bloating and irritable bowel syndrome. Eventually it can lead to colon cancer.

Consuming lots of high fiber fruits and vegetables can help to eliminate some of the buildup. But a colon cleanse is much quicker and it will do a more thorough job so your body can begin the healing process much quicker.

Good Works?

The acai berry colon cleanse goes to work immediately to remove the hardened fecal matter that has built up along the walls of the colon as well as the small and large intestines. This opens the intestines allowing other waste to exit regularly and it restores the microflora in the intestines so that harmful bacteria cannot take over and cause disease.

Once the colon is cleansed of all the old fecal matter, the acai begins to clean the rest of the body, renewing the cells on the inside so that you will have more energy and experience more freedom to enjoy life. The acai berry colon cleanse also helps to renew the cells on the surface of your skin, restoring a youthful elasticity and reduces the signs of aging.

Helping the Body

The acai berry colon cleanse is very effective in removing toxins from your body, but you need to also do your part in order for the cleanse to work. This means that you need to stop putting toxins into your body and engage in moderate exercise.

Most of the toxins that enter your body do so by the foods you eat, and therefore it is essential that you switch to a healthy diet which consists of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds. You can still have all your favorite foods like meat, dairy, pizza and other processed foods, but you must do so only in moderation.

Due to the powerful cleaning abilities of the colon cleanse pill, you should not continue taking it for more than 2 months as your colon may become dependent on it. However, you can continue to make acai a part of your daily life, as it is natural.

Side effects of acai may include headaches, abdominal cramping and diarrhea and should disappear within a few days of taking acai.


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