A Review of the Bontril Diet Pills

Bontril diet pills are a weight loss medication that can only be gotten with a prescription from your physician. However, as with any diet pill, caution is advised before taking this weight loss medication. Here are some thoughts you should consider before taking bontril diet pills.

Type of Weight Loss Medication

Bontril diet pills are known to be in a class of diet pills known as appetite suppressants. When taken, the satietry center of the brain is stimulated and a feeling of fullness occurs. They are also known as a central nervous system stimulant. This is what gives the user energy and helps to speed up her metabolism. However, this stimulant effect, although helpful, can also cause the heart to race.

When you are taking bontril diet pills, your physician should inform you to do the following: 

  • lower your calorie intake
  • eat more nutritional foods
  • incorporate daily exercise into your routine

The Amount of Time to Take Bontril Diet Pills

Bontril diet pills are supposed to be prescribed for only a few weeks. Dependence can occur to these pills, especially if taken for a longer duration.

Health Conditions That Interact With Bontril Diet Pills

If you have any of the following conditions, it is not advisable for you to take bontril diet pills:

  • high blood pressure
  • overactive thyroid
  • vascular heart disease
  • stroke 
  • glaucoma 

One should also not take bontril diet pills if she is nursing or pregnant.

Side Effects That May Occur When Taking Bontril Diet Pills

The following are side effects that may occur when taking bontril diet pills:

  •  Restlessness
  •  Dizziness
  •  Anxiety
  •  Insomnia
  •  Headache
  •  Dry Mouth
  •  Diarrhea
  •  Changes in one’s sex drive

Allergic reactions such as difficulty breathing, chest pain or trouble breathing, swelling or closing of the throat and swelling of the lips may occur. These reactions should be reported to your physician immediately.

Alternatives to  Bontril Diet Pills

Both phentermine (sometimes referred to as phentermine D) and adipex can be bought without a prescription. They are similar to bontril diet pills. They are known for their appetite suppressants, as well as they stimulant effect.

Another over the counter weight loss medication that many people are trying is Alli. This is the only FDA approved over the counter diet pill. It can block the absorption of some of the fats you eat.  However, there are side effects to this pill too (such as diarrhea and even leakage problems).

Should One Take Bontril Diet Pills?

The answer as to whether you should take brontril diet pills or any diet pills should be answered after you do the following:

  •  Research both the pros and cons about the pills, paying close attention to the side effects.
  •  Speak to your physician, and acquire all the medical facts.
  • Speak to your pharmacist.

Get well informed, and check to make sure it is safe to take alongside any other medications you are taking.



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  • Robert

    I know this is a prescription drug and therefore a little strong but the dies effects seem quite drastic, I know even less strong pills like Adipex has those potential side effects listed but most people don’t experience all of them.

    What’s the general experience on which ones actually commonly occur when taking bontril?

  • Cathy

    I am on Bontril and I havent lost 1 lb yet and have been on it for 2 months now….I dont think it works at allllllllllllllllllllllll.

  • DAVE

    I have been on Bontril for 5 days and it seems to be working good for me. I am also following the dietary and exercise guidelines. I have lost 5 pounds during this time with little discomfort. Hope it keeps working as most I have tried in the past have a reduction in effectiveness after a couple of weeks. I have been eating less than 1500 calories a day during this time and increased my water intake. Maybe all the walks to the bathroom have increased my exercise!

  • Amanda

    I’ve been taking bontril for a little over 1 week and lost about 5 pounds the first few days but then weighed myself today and I was up 2 pounds….I’m thinking its due to my workout routine and I’m gaining muscle because my legs are usually the strongest and quickest part on my body to get in shape….I’ve been drinking water like a freaking camel and the first few days was sticking to a 1500 calorie diet of foods I love to make ex: spinach egg white omelette with a slice of cheese and salsa on top yum, but ran out of all the good stuff so going shopping tomorrow. When I first took the pill I also got a B12 shot and wow the two mixed together was AMAZING! I hadn’t had that much energy in forever….which was great because I had a thyroid problem after my baby was born and I always felt slugish and no energy what so ever and now I feel like I can run a marathon….it feels great. Before I started taking it I read the reviews online and pretty much saw nothing but positive things about it which gave me hope. My blood work came back amazing no thyroid issue to mentally and physically slow me down. I’m 5’6 and need to lose at least 70 pounds to be where I want to be….reviews I read seemed to have had a good amount of weight loss (30 – 60+ lbs) over a 2-6 month period…..I’m praying that’ll be my case….its going to take a lot of dedication and discipline but I’m the only one who can change me, nobody else can….I got to undo what I did. Good luck to everyone who’s starting out on bontril I hope we all achieve our goals and remember IT WILL HAPPEN, IT JUST TAKES TIME