A Physical Fitness Definition: 5 Key Components

There is no true physical fitness definition, as the meaning of that term varies from expert to expert. However, fitness does encompass the following key components. Without clearing these five tests one cannot be called physically fit. If you work on all five of these components of physical fitness, you will find that it automatically helps you to carry out your everyday tasks much more easily.

Body Composition

This is an indicator of how much fat and lean muscle your body has. The lower your fat content and the higher your lean muscle mass, the better health you can be said to have. This is a better indicator of your health than just your body weight. Your ideal body composition will vary depending on your age and sex.


Flexibility is lost with age and lack of exercise. It can, however, be gained back with flexibility exercises such as stretching and yoga. The more nimble you are the lower your chances of developing joint problems and arthritis.

Muscular Endurance

This is the ability of the body to perform repeated actions or a single action for a long time without becoming fatigued.  Muscular endurance can be improved by doing aerobic and anaerobic exercises such as biking and walking. Muscular endurance will reduce your fatigue levels dramatically which will enable you to enjoy life to the fullest.

Muscular Strength

This is the ability of the body to lift a heavy weight for a fixed period of time. This should not be confused with muscular endurance, which measures your ability to lift weights for a prolonged time. Muscle strength can be developed by performing exercises such as bench presses.

Cardiovascular Fitness

This type of fitness is of extreme importance and will help you to perform the exercises that can improve the other components of physical fitness. Cardiovascular fitness measures the heart and lungs’ ability  to carry out their functions. It is typically tested on a treadmill. Aerobic exercises, such as walking, jogging, biking, and swimming are great ways to improve cardiovascular fitness.


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