A High Protein Liquid Diet: Losing Weight With Ease

A high protein liquid diet may just be the diet for you.  Are you looking for an easy diet that requires little decision making? This diet offers tasty smoothies, it requires no cooking or following recipes, and it will provide you with the necessary energy to function throughout your day.

The Premise of A High Protein Liquid Diet

A high protein liquid diet is a diet that will require you to drink high protein shakes or smoothies. These are also low calorie and high protein diet drinks. Sometimes these diets are referred to as a high protein juice diet, and no solid foods are allowed on this diet.

The Ease of Following A High Protein Diet

Most high protein diets are easy to follow. You can purchase many varieties and flavors of commercially prepared, already made shakes and smoothies, or you can find easy to  follow instructions on blending your own high protein drinks that are tasty, nutritious, and low in calories.

Take Caution

If you decide to purchase shakes, make sure you read the label of ingredients. Some commercially made products (that are advertised as diet aides) will provide you with a high carb liquid diet, instead of the high protein liquid diet that you want to follow. The reason is the high carbs adds flavor to the product, which makes it easier to sell (and easy for some dieters to swallow). However, the product may not actually be helpful in losing weight.

Once you do find the perfect choices of juices and drinks (that will aide you in your high protein diet), you may find it very easy to follow since it doesn’t require much preparation. It is easy to take with you wherever you go.


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