A High Protein Diet: Food Fat Facts

Eating high protein diet food can be effective in losing weight. However, to really reach the optimal effects, you must eat foods that are high in protein, but low in fat. While a nice juicy hamburger may fill you up (and have about 26 grams of protein), its over 25 grams of fat undermines your quest to lose weight.  Eating foods that are low in fat will pay off and promote quick weight loss. Here are some food fat facts arranged by food type, that can help you in your menu selection for your high protein diet:

Meats & Fish

Beef is a great source of protein, but can be rather fatty. Try lean cuts from the round or sirloin for the lowest fat content.

Chicken and turkey are both low in fat and high in protein. Remove the skin and eat only the white meat.

Most fish are low in fat and high in protein; avoid fried fish and canned fish packed in oil for the lowest fat options.


Eat lowfat or nonfat cottage cheese, yogurt and milk for calcium rich sources of dairy protein.

Skip the egg yolks. Egg whites have very little fat, and in most cases, can be substituted for whole eggs in recipes.


An excellent low-fat high protein source, beans should be an integral part of any high protein diet. Avoid refried and canned beans that have any added pork for the lowest fat options.

Edamame make a great, easy snack and have 12g of protein per serving.

Use the food facts to help you select some healthy choices for your diet, and continue down the path of a low-fat, high-protein diet for weight loss.


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