A Comprehensive Carbohydrate List For Dieters

Carbohydrates are one of the most important nutrients your body needs, as it provides the bulk of the energy you use. Here is a carbohydrate list for all of you who are dieting.

Types Of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are in almost all the food we eat and that can be a good thing because our body needs carbohydrates for energy. Carbohydrates can be broken down, for dieters, into two groups: Good Carbs and Bad Carbs.

Good Carbohydrates

Despite a lot of the information going around, all carbohydrates are not bad for you. In fact, there are plenty of good carbohydrates that should be a part of your diet, as they provide needed nutrition.

1. Fresh Fruit

While fresh fruit is generally high in carbs and sugar (natural sugars), this is a type of carbohydrate that is actually good for your body. Fruits are also high in many nutrients and are an ideal choice for any diet.

2. Steamed or Raw Vegetables

We all know vegetables are good for us, however, boiling them removes a lot of the goodness inside them. When eating vegetables, if not raw, be sure to only lightly steam them, as this will preserve the all the types of beneficial nutrients they have.

3. Nuts, Seeds and Other Legumes

These are tiny powerhouses of energy and good carbohydrates. Not only are they good for you, eating nuts has been shown to help reduce the risk of heart disease because they contain great nutrients and good carbohydrates.

4. Whole Grains

If you have done any cereal shopping lately, you may have noticed that a lot of cereals, especially the types for kids, are using whole grains now. This is because whole grains are another form of good carbohydrates and an excellent source of fiber. Fiber tends to make you feel fuller longer after you eat, and this is perfect for dieters.

Bad Carbohydrates

There are carbohydrates out there you will want to avoid because they are loaded with sugars, fats and other ingredients your body just does not need if you are on a diet. Here is a list of some of the most common and why they are to be avoided:

1. Pastries

This should go without saying but, pastries contain bad carbs and you really want to avoid them as much as possible.

2. Pasta

Pasta, unless it’s a whole grain variety, is a bad carbohydrate-laden meal.

3. White Bread, White Rice

Again, very yummy but, a good plan of attack when deciding if something has good or bad carbs is the color white. White rice, white bread and white pasta are all full of bad carbs because they lack whole grains. The whole grains generally tend to be in brown foods.

4. Low Fiber Foods

Low fiber foods will leave you feeling full when you are done eating, but you will feel hungrier sooner than eating foods high in fiber.

Remember, carbs are good for you as long as you are eating the right types, and not the bad, processed, low fiber carbs you tend to find at every fast food restaurant. Look for whole grain options and high fiber foods, and avoid the white flour.


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