A Complete List of FDA Approved Diet Pills

If you are considering taking diet pills to help you lose weight, make sure that the pills you are considering are FDA approved diet pills before you take them.

Medications that have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have been through many stages of testing for several years. Most drugs have been tested by thousands of people before the FDA approves them. By the time the FDA approves a new medicine, it has been proven over and over to be safe and effective.

As safe as FDA approved medications are, it is still important to only take them as directed. Some diet pills are safe for short term use only. Other diet pills are safe and effective for long term use. Make sure you take them as advised.

The three types of diet pills the FDA has approved are Orlistat (Xenical), Sibutramine (Meridia) and sympathomimetic appetite suppressants (Phentermine). Ask your health care provider which type of diet pill would work best for you.

About Xenical

The FDA approved Xenical as a prescription diet pill in 1999. This pill is effective because it blocks approximately 30% of dietary fat from being absorbed by your body. It is known to be effective for weight loss in combination with diet and exercise.

Xenical can have bothersome side effects including oily stools, gas and frequent bowel movements. The side effects from Xenical can become worse when it is taken with fatty foods. The best bet for minimizing digestive side effects of Xenical is decreasing the amount of fatty foods you eat.

Xenical may also reduce the absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K and beta carotene. Most patients who take Xenical take vitamin supplements two hours earlier.

About Meridia

Meridia is an appetite suppressant that works by acting on neurotransmitters in the brain. Meridia increases the amount of serotonin, dopamine and norepinepphrine in the synapses of your brain—which results in a decrease in appetite.

Meridia also has potential side effects including dry mouth, constipation, insomnia, headaches and high blood pressure. Also, because Meridia has been linked with more than 28 deaths and hundreds of adverse reactions, the FDA has recently issued warnings about taking it.

About Phentermine

Phentermine is a sympathomimetic appetite suppressant. It is prescribed only for short term treatment of obesity. These pills are also most effective with a combination of a weight-loss diet and exercise.

Other appetite suppressant diet pills that have been approved by the FDA include Diethylpropion and Phendimetrazine. Your doctor should be able to tell you more about the effectiveness and side effects of appetite suppressant diet pills. They are effective for some obese people, but not for everyone.

About Over the Counter Weight Loss Aids

It is recommended that you avoid over the counter medications that have not been approved they the FDA. Alli is the only over the counter weight loss aid that has been approved by the FDA.

Also, the FDA has recalled Hydroxycut products, which have been linked to liver damage.

Whichever diet plan or diet pill you start, be sure to combine it with regular exercise for optimal health and weight loss. And always speak to your doctor before considering any diet pills.


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  • Twinkle Davis

    Ive been taking this diet pill call the super slim of which I thought was an all natural pill. It has a lot of adverse effects of which was not noted on the box and Im not sure if its fda approved or safe

  • nazari

    a very good and academic website.
    most of the people with weight problems can benefit it.
    many thanks

  • Laurie

    Meridia really works but the necessary up keep is required. I watched my calorie intake and exercised. I took most of the weight off in 8 months but kept up the maintenance. I started school to study nutrition and have become vegetarian as a plan for my continued 5 years of keeping the weight off.

  • Tami H.

    Redux was the only diet aid pill that ever worked for me. When they replaced it with Meridia I was hopeful, that dream shot down. I wish I could find something that truly worked for me, I REALLY need to lose A LOT of weight :/

  • Elway

    hey, i’m not sure if this website is updated but I was reading up on Hoodia hoodia by millenium and purchased it because it was CITES certified. Its all very frustrating because i’m not trying to lose a massive amount of weight, but 10-15 lbs is my goal, within one or two months. I’m in school and eating and exercising all depends on how much work I have. of course, i don’t have a car and walk everywhere but my body’s too used to that for it to matter.

  • Elway

    oh, i basically wanted to know what you found on your researches about hoodia especially HoodiaHoodia by Millenium

  • melissa

    meridia really worked for me .when i was taking it i lost 45 pounds in 5 months,but there after i lost my insure, so i coundent pay for it now im gaining all my wait back it sucks.

  • Cathy

    I was on Redux until they took it off the market. I did take Merida for 3 months and lost 45 lbs. I dont know why the FDA would take it off the market if it works. People just need to see there Dr each and every month when takeing medication like this. If they overdose or dont keep an eye on there blood preasure you cant blame the co. you have to blame the person takeing it. It has helped so many people who take it right. I think you should put it back on the market for the people who want to take it the right way and be seen by there Dr each and every month or just stop taking it until they see the Dr……PLEASE stop takeing these pills off the market that work……..

  • Steve

    I agree with Cathy on this one. People need to learn personal responsibility for what they take. The FDA needs to stop acting like a baby sitter for everyone and let people measure the risk and reward. Do some pills have negative side effects? Yep. Does being overweight have negative side effects? Yep. You need to decide which path of risk / reward you want to take. I just hope they do not take maxreduce off the market any time soon. That stuff has rocked for me.


    i feel as if our government is regulating things in order to keep us fat, im not sure who all benefits but it must be the big ones like insurance and drug companies….i mean they must make that much more money off of diabetic and blood pressure related drugs and problems. if they wont allow for diet drugs that work then they should out law all the easily accessible foods that work against us. why are all the foods you are supposed to eat soooo much more expensive? is it really that hard to offer healthy and convenient alternatives at the fast food resteraunts that are on every corner? they make it seem like its a battle within yourself but it isn’t, it is a battle with everything around u and on television and in the schools and in the stores….regulations could be used in a helpful way but lobbiest keep this from happing……so dont just change the way you eat, change the way you think and vote and know who your dollar is going to and where they stand on these issues.

  • Vickie

    I use to take accutrim or dexitrim but the Gov. took it off the market, it really worked for me. I need to lose some weight now. Anyone know where you can get accutrim on line?

  • Kate

    I’m currently taking Phentermine. I know it’s temporary, and I’ve only been taking it for almost a month, but it really works. My doctor prescribed it to me because I’ve been having major stomach and gallbladder problems, and every time I ate it killed my stomach, but I’ve always ignored the pain because I love food… who doesn’t? I’ve had recent tests done to prove it’s my gallbladder acting up, and taking these pills are helping curve my appetite. I only hope it won’t come back and bite me in the butt. I think I’ve already lost 10 pounds and that’s less than a month, but that’s also because food doesn’t sound that good to hurt my stomach so much.

  • Paul Dembinski

    Desoxyn was the best diet pill hands down- but the feds yanked it in ’99. It was also highly effective for sufferers of ADD.

    Really, when has the FDA had our interests at heart (as opposed to Big Pharma)?