A Calisthenics Cardio Routine That Flattens Tummies

Calisthenics are a type of exercise that do not require any machines or weights and use the body’s own weight as resistance to build body strength and improve flexibility. These exercises are the type of exercises used to flatten the stomach.

A flat stomach is one of the key weight loss goals that women strive for.  Exercise alone will not achieve that flat stomach.  Exercise, especially cardio, a good diet and doing key exercises that target the stomach muscles will flatten the stomach.

Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercise is key to burning off the fat that is already present on top of the stomach muscles. Cardio can be anything that gets the heart rate up and beating quickly, such as walking, running, an aerobics class, a dance class or jumping jacks. Do this for at least 20 minutes a day to burn stomach fat.


Crunches and sit-ups are going to be key to toning the abdominal muscles. Work all parts of the abdominal muscles for the best results. A basic crunch laying on your back and raising up to your knees will target the upper abs. A reverse crunch will target the lower abs. The floor exercise called the bicycle will target all the abdominal muscles: upper abs, lower abs and obliques.

Doing crunches alone will tone up the abdominal muscles, but if you do not burn off the fat layer on top of those muscles, you will not see the results of your crunches. By doing crunches and cardio, along with maintaining a healthy diet, you will have that flat stomach in no time.


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