9 Types of Lingerie to Slim Your Figure

Slimming lingerie can help you look sleek and trim. If you want to look much thinner than you actually are without going on a diet or exercising, you should consider wearing lingerie that makes your figure seem slimmer. Slimming lingerie helps to hide bumps and bulges and makes you look more feminine and beautiful. Here are nine types of lingerie that can slim your figure:

1. Bodysuits

A one-piece bodysuit helps to hide ugly bulges and consists of a bra and a torso slimmer. It also covers your thighs. It not only contours your waist and hides your belly bulge, but it also makes your thighs appear thinner. Since it get rids of panty lines, you can wear it under skirts or dresses that are form fitting. Some bodysuits also have sleeves and can help make your upper arms look thinner.

2. Leggings

Leggings cover your legs, hips and thighs. They are fitted to your shape and not only get rid of panty lines but also make your tummy seem flatter. Since they encase your hips, they lift your buttocks and make them appear firmer and slimmer. You can wear them under slacks, with long blouses or T-shirts, and under a pencil skirt.

3. Camisoles

Camisoles are sleeveless undergarments made from cotton, satin or nylon that reach the waist and cover the top half of your body. Slimming camisoles have underwire lifts for your breasts. They help lift your bustline and make your breasts look firmer. Such slimming camisoles help your midriff look slimmer as well by hiding any bulges that are present.

4. High Waist Briefs

High waist briefs are the best option for women who want to make their stomach and hips look slimmer. Such briefs also provide support for your back.

5. Corsets

A corset supports your breasts and highlights your cleavage. Besides this, it also helps your stomach look flatter.

6. Teddy

A babydoll teddy can help you hide your hips and stomach bulges and show off your breasts. If you have a large bust line and want to highlight it without drawing attention to your stomach and hips, teddies are your best buy.

7. Bras

Always choose bras that aren’t skimpy if you have a large breast size. This will ensure that your breasts are properly supported. Sometimes the fat rolls off to the back and makes your upper and middle back look ugly. You should therefore choose a bra that makes your back look smooth even under the tightest tops.

8. Pantyhose

Pantyhose are sheer leg wear that covers your body from the waist to your feet. They are form fitting and help to flatten your tummy while helping you look appealing and feminine. Dark colored pantyhose can also help your legs look slimmer.

9. Girdles

Girdles can give you an hourglass figure by giving you a small waist, large breasts and wide hips.

There is a wide variety of sexy, slimming lingerie that you can buy from a department store or a boutique. However, you must ensure that it fits correctly and is comfortable to wear. Always choose lingerie that accentuates your assets and hides your flaws.




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