8 Vitamins for Fingernails

Vitamins for fingernails are available in many of the same supplements you already take. Like the rest of your body, your fingernails need proper nutrition to stay healthy and grow. Even if you don’t want long nails, your nail health is essential, and unhealthy nails can indicate underlying medical conditions, like liver failure. Many of the same vitamins needed by nails, also improve the health of your hair. By adding or increasing these vitamins, you can grow and maintain beautiful nails.

Some conditions like emphysema, diabetes and heart disease can cause problems with fingernails. These problems can include white spots, discoloration, ridges, ingrown nails and other problems that may have to be medically treated if they cause other conditions.

1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital to many of your body systems. Though fingernails are made of keratin, they are easily affected by the same vitamins as bones. Since both calcium and vitamin D are essential to bone health, they both help in the strength and growth of nail health.

2. Calcium

Much like vitamin D, calcium aids in your bone health, fingernails and hair. Calcium supplements are essential for women, even if you take a once-a-day vitamin. With all calcium, you need to take vitamin D to help it absorb into the body instead of passing through. Calcium helps with brittle nails and ragged cuticles.

3. Protein

Keratin is made of protein, so getting extra protein in your diet can aid in proper nail health. You can get protein from your usual sources of meat proteins. If you’re a vegetarian, you can get the protein you need through alternate protein sources, such as fish, tofu, beans and legumes.

4. Silica

Horsetail and oatstraw are both herbs that contain silica. Silica can strengthen your nails to help prevent breaks, ingrown nails and even help ridges soften to give your nails a more natural beauty.

5. Keratin

Since keratin is what you’re nails are made of, you can add keratin to your supplement regime to help strengthen, protect and avoid discoloration and other abnormalities.

6. Biotin

If your nails are brittle, taking biotin (a water-soluble version of vitamin B) with vitamin E can help remedy the brittleness you’re experiencing. If you have a difficult time getting enough iron in, talk with your doctor about other sources that don’t involve meat or supplements.

7. Iron

Iron helps make up for the lack of protein you may be experiencing if you don’t eat enough animal meat. You can also get extra iron by eating some dark greens and other plants.

8. Flaxseed & Evening Primrose Oil

Flaxseed and evening primrose oil are both known for their beneficial effects on fingernails. They can be used to prevent nails from cracking, which can also lead to ingrown and brittle nails if not remedied.

Regardless of the problems you’re having with your nails, there are a variety of vitamins you can use or take to help increase your level of nail health. Vitamins for fingernails are available in most stores in the over-the-counter section of your pharmacy. You can also find them in health food and supplement stores.


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