8 Side Effects of the Cambridge Diet

The Cambridge diet is a very low calorie liquid diet that helps you lose weight by putting you on a diet of low-carb, low-calorie foods. However, this diet has quite a few side-effects that make it a diet to look into before trying it.

Side Effect #1: Malnourishment and Malnutrition

The Cambridge diet has you eating only 400 to 800 calories a day, which is way too low for the body to get all the nourishment it needs. Even with supplements, it is difficult to get all of the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs to function properly. This can cause quite a number of health conditions down the road, especially for dieters who are on this program for a long time.

Side Effect #2: Loss of Muscle Mass

One side-effect of low-calorie diets, such as the Cambridge diet, that is most often overlooked is that when the body is receiving less than 1200 calories a day, it goes into starvation mode. This slows down the body’s metabolism and causes the body to burn muscle mass. The body actually burns muscle mass, long before it ever gets to the fat stores you’re trying to burn in the first place! This is not only unhealthy, but it makes future weight loss even harder, and you may very well just end up adding those pounds back on after you stop this diet.

Side Effect #3: Headaches and Dizziness

The Cambridge diet can cause headaches and dizziness to dieters, especially in the first days of the diet. These side effects are often the result of dehydration and can be minimized by drinking more water. However, if drinking more water doesn’t solve the headaches, then it may be caused by another problem—withdrawal of carbohydrates. This is a rarer side effect, but it does occur in some dieters.

Side Effect #4: Bad Breath

One of the ways that the Cambridge diet is meant to help you burn fat is due to its lack of carbohydrates. Like any low-carb diet, this puts your body in a state of ketosis. This state allows your body to burn more fat for fuel, but as a result of this process, you will have bad breath.

Side Effect #5: Constipation

Since the Cambridge diet is a liquid diet, there is not a lot of solid bulk in your digestive tract to help it move through. This can cause you to become constipated.

Side Effect #6: Weakness and Lack of Energy

Due to its low-calorie content, the Cambridge diet will leave you weak and low on energy–unable to exercise or possibly even perform basic physical activities.

Side Effect #7: Diarrhea and Nausea

The concentration of the vitamins and minerals in the supplements can cause diarrhea and/or nausea in dieters.

Side Effect #8: Hunger Pains

Particularly in the first few days of the Cambridge diet, you will experience hunger pains due to the lack of calorie content in this diet.


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