8 Reasons to Incorporate Stairs into Your Workout

Taking the stairs is the perfect way for you to get exercise at work. Most office buildings have several stairways available. There are also stairs in malls, hospitals and other public places you visit. Although you may find taking the elevator a lot easier, taking the stairs is a better way to get fit. Here are eight reasons to incorporate stairs into your workout. You won’t get these benefits from riding the elevator.

1. Tone Legs

Walking up and down stairs every day can tone your legs in no time. As you walk up the stairs, you use every muscle in your legs to take your body upward. Your thighs and calves get a great workout. You’ve probably used a stepper in your exercise routine. You know how toned your legs become with this equipment. Normal stairs provide the same benefits. Before you decide to push that elevator button to the third floor, take the stairs instead.

2. Increase Blood Flow

Taking the stairs improves the circulation in your legs. A great circulation reduces your chances of heart-related illness, stroke and high blood pressure. You also prevent blood clots from forming in your lower extremities.

3. Burn Calories

You burn calories when you take the stairs. Although the calories you burn aren’t as much as walking on a treadmill, the amount adds up over time. You also have more energy for the rest of your day.

4. Lose Abdominal Fat

Your legs aren’t the only things that firm up. You can lose weight around your abdomen by walking up stairs. The more calories you burn during the week, the more weight you lose. Abdominal fat is the hardest excess weight to get rid of. It leads to heart disease and numerous other health problems. Along with cardio, abdominal exercises and stair walking, you can tone your abs.

5. Firm Your Buns

Walking up stairs firms your buns. You work out your glutes every time you lift your legs. The lifting motion tightens and strengthens your buttocks.

6. Lose Weight Faster

Another reason to incorporate stairs into your workout is to lose overall body weight. This low-impact cardio exercise helps you lose weight faster. You also burn calories all day long.

7. Increase Stamina

Stamina helps you exercise longer and faster with each workout you do. Your stamina is increased by your ability to go up and down on the stairs without overtiring. There are several types of stamina, including mental and physical. With stair exercises, you improve both. You’re more alert and ready to tackle your day.

8. Reduce Pain

You can experience joint pain and athritis as you get older. Sitting for long periods of time increases this pain as well. Incorporating stairs into your workout can help relieve the stress placed on your joints. Your joints become stronger and more flexible. Back pain is another reason to use the stairs. Taking the stairs alleviates the stress put on your hips and back through everyday activities, such as bending and lifting.

Incorporating stairs into your exercise plan may lead to a healthier lifestyle. 


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