8 Household Objects That Work as Weights

There are a number of things that you can use for weight lifting rather than buying an expensive home gym. With any of these homemade weights, you will need a home scale to weigh them.

1. Milk Jugs

Take an empty milk jug, a gallon or half gallon jug will work, and fill it with water to the desired weight. Making one for each hand is also a possibility. Filling one empty milk carton can also be used as a kettle ball.

2. Soup Cans

Soup cans, that are full, can be used as hand weights to perform bicep curls. The cans may not weigh a lot, but if you do more reps, it will work out. If regular sized soup cans are not heavy enough, use the family size cans, but they may be harder to hold in your hands.

3. Water Bottles

Almost everyone now days buys bottled water. Take two bottles of water, one in each hand, and use them for doing bicep curls. Then, after you are finished with your work out, you will have something to drink, or simply put them back in the fridge for later.

4. Socks

Take an old pair of socks, ones without any holes, and fill them up with pebbles or beans. Then take the end of the socks and either sew or glue them together. After they are filled then take both ends and sew or Velcro them together. Use these as wrist or ankle weights.

5. Wooden Bar

Take a piece of wood shaped like a cylinder and cut the length of the bar to the width of your shoulders. Then, drill a hole in the ends of the bar, so the holes go all the way through one end of the bar, not through the middle. Next, take some rope and tie socks with some pebbles in them to the ends of the ropes. Make sure both socks weigh the same. Then, take the other end of the rope and tie it through the bar, so the socks are hanging from both ends of the bar. This makes a great forearm exercise.

6. Books

If you have some hardback books laying around, take one in each hand and use them for performing bicep curls. You can also place the book in both hands behind your head and lift the book over your head to perform tricep curls. If you have flab on the back of your arms, this will help to tighten it up. You can also do this exercise with the soup cans or milk jugs also.

7. Bags of Rice or Beans

Take a bag of rice or bag of beans the place them on you ankles for added weight on your lower body. You can perform leg raises with these. You could also put the bags on your stomach when performing crunches for a little extra workout.

8. Kids

Let your kids sit on your stomach while performing crunches. This can help work those abdominal muscles.

You do not need a gym membership or a home gym to be able to do some weight training at home, just look around the house and get lifting.


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