8 Great Snacks for the Biggest Loser Club

When you are in the biggest loser club, you want to find low-calorie snacks that are low in salt and sugar and high in fiber. It’s also good to have protein and carbohydrates balanced so that you’re not spiking your blood sugar at any one time. Here are 8 snack ideas you can share with your biggest loser club friends. Each snack is under 110 calories.

1. Cheesy Rice Cake

You can find a brown rice cake that is only 75 calories. Make sure to buy rice cakes that have no added salt or sugar. Take one wedge of 35 calorie light laughing cow cheese. The herb flavor is great on rice cakes.

2. Peanut Butter Apple

Take a medium-size apple, organic if possible, and cut in half. Spread a half tablespoon of raw almond butter on the apple and you have a total of 90 calories, protein, and some fiber.

3. Almond Blueberry Smoothie

The body will better absorb the protein in raw nuts and seeds that are sprouted. Raw nuts and seeds have fewer free radicals so are healthier for your body. To sprout your nuts and seeds, soak in water for 3-4 hours. A small handful, or an eighth of a cup, gives you about 75 calories. Mix this with just over a quarter cup of frozen unsweetened blueberries. Add water and some Stevia and blend for a quick smoothie that’s high in protein and antioxidants.

4. Yogurt and Acai

Plain yogurt is a great way to get protein. A half cup has 70 calories. Mix in a half packet of pure unsweetened acai berry puree and add about 3 drops of pure Stevia. The acai berry provides fiber and antioxidants and tastes like a rich dessert.

5. Carrots and Hummus

You can find many types of hummus that have only 70 calories in 2 tablespoons. Find a variety that you like. Dip in 5 baby carrots or a regular carrot for a really healthy snack.

6. Smoked Salmon With Laughing Cow Cheese

An ounce of smoked salmon is filling and tastes great as the wrap for herb-flavored light cheese. You’ll get valuable omega 3s and protein.

7. Orange Julius

Try blending the juice of a small orange with a half cup of nonfat milk. The protein in the milk will offset the glycemic spike of the orange, and you’ll get a good amount of vitamin C and fiber. Avoid drinking plain fruit juice because it leaves out the fiber and you get less for the same amount of calories.

8. Baked Blue Corn Chips With Salsa

Baked blue corn chips are low in fat, yet they taste like fried food. Eat about 75 calories worth with your favorite salsa. Try to find a salsa that has no sugar and has a low-salt content. You can also make your own with tomatoes, cucumbers, lime juice, and spicy green peppers.

Snacks are a great idea on a diet because they help you feel full and keep your energy up. The biggest loser club encourages healthy snacking so enjoy!



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