8 Great Reasons to Keep a Food Journal

When you want to change the way you are eating, take steps to lose weight, or simply create more awareness of what you ingest, there is no better option than to keep a food journal. A food journal is a personal experience and there are many ways to start one as well as several suggestions on what should be tracked.

1. Keeps You Accountable

One great reason to keep a food journal is to stay accountable. This is especially true when losing weight is the ultimate goal. No one else knows what you put into your mouth each day but you, and writing it down will help you stay accountable to your own goals.

2. Tracks Your Intake

A food journal is a highly effective tool to help you track exactly what you are eating each day. Many people have a tendency to eat without thinking. Writing down exactly what goes into your mouth will help you track all the

3. Finds Your Weakness

Some people aren’t even aware of their food weaknesses until it is written down and a pattern is clearly developed. You may not even realize how many times you reach into the cupboard for a cookie until you actually start to track your intake.

4. Finds Your Deficits

A great benefit to keeping a food journal is finding out what you need more of. Writing down what you eat will help you realize where you are falling short, as far as nutrients. For instance, you may not realize that you aren’t getting enough vegetables in your daily diet until you see your intake on paper.

5. Allows You to ‘See’ Your Progress

When you start to make positive changes in your diet, a food journal will allow you to recognize your progress over time. This is a motivating experience and will increase your chances of long term success.

6. Helps You Plan Healthy Meals

A food journal can help you start to plan healthy meals. By tracking your daily intake and recognizing where there are shortages, it becomes easier to plan for meals that make up for deficits.

7. Becomes a Grocery List

Along the same lines as meal planning, a food journal can also be utilized for creating a healthy foods grocery list. Knowing what you are eating and what you need to eat more of will give you ideas for grocery shopping. You can even designate certain pages of your food journal for grocery lists.

8. Helps You Find Your Triggers

It’s a good idea to include in your food journal what times you eat and the reasons. This will enable you to identify emotional eating triggers. Being aware of unhealthy patterns is the first step in changing them.

There are many positive reasons for keeping a food journal and there are countless ways to make your food journal a personal and motivational experience. The key is to write down everything that goes into your mouth and to be accurate with the amounts.


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