8 Foods You May Have Not Known Contain Hydrogenated Oils

Partially hydrogenated and hydrogenated oils create high amounts of trans fatty acids in the foods you eat. These harmful oils are linked to diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Since these fats cause health problems, they’re banned in many countries around the world. The FDA in the United States requires food labels to list trans fat content in the nutrition section. Some manufacturers step around this requirement by putting hydrogenated oils in the ingredient section. You wouldn’t normally look at the ingredients if the nutrition label states that the product is free of transfats. There are 8 foods you may have not known contain hydrogenated oils due to this. You need to check the ingredients before you buy these next products. This includes products considered trans fat free.

1. Cake Mixes

Cake mix is used by a good number of people. It’s easy to use and comes with everything you need except eggs and water. You probably use cake mixes during the holidays, birthdays or special occasions. This handy food item does contain partially hydrogenated oils. These oils may include soybean, vegetable and palm. Cake mixes also require additional oils for baking.

2.  Peanut Butter

Peanut butter and jelly are staples for kids everywhere. You love it because it’s a cheap way to fix lunch or snacks. Peanut butter has a small quantity of hydrogenated oil. It makes peanut butter lasts longer and maintain its creaminess.

3.  Taco Shells

This favorite Mexican food has around 1g of hydrogenated oil. Although it’s found in small amounts, eating more than one taco adds up the oil content.

4.  Waffles

As a delicious breakfast food, waffles are excellent ways to get through the morning. However, waffles contain partially hydrogenated oil. Some waffle brands have 0 fat content, but may still contain hydrogenated oils. The only healthy waffles are those made with whole grains.

5.  Crackers

Saltine crackers go well with cheese, jam and peanut butter. They also contain partially hydrogenated soybean oil or partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil. A normal serving of crackers is 4 or 5. Eating more than this increases the oil content.

6.  Cereal

Although cereal is essentially healthier for you than pancakes or breakfast pastries, some brands contain partially hydrogenated and hydrogenated cottonseed oils. Cottonseed oils are considered poisonous to your body. It’s also high in saturated fats. Be aware of any foods containing this oil.

7.  Ice Cream

Ice Cream is a tasty treat for you, but it contains hydrogenated soybean, palm oil, coconut, vegetable and many other types. Surprisingly, palm oil is used to make soap and other non-food items as well.

8. Frozen Entrees

Frozen entrees come in many different varieties. Most are quick and easy meals for people on the go. Before you pop that frozen lasagna in the microwave, check the ingredients. It may contain some type of hydrogenated oil. Many frozen entrees are high in fat as well.

It’s important to avoid any type of hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. Oils lose their health benefits when they are processed. Look for foods with unhydrogenated oils in the ingredient section.


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