8 Foods Shown to Lower Breast Cancer Risk

There are eight foods shown to lower breast cancer risk in women. This devastating cancer affects millions of women each year. Although there isn’t a cure for breast cancer, you can protect yourself. It forms in your breast’s cells and can spread to other parts of your body. Men are at risk as well. Deaths from this type of cancer have fallen in recent years. It may be due to certain foods. Here’s a list of foods that may help you lower your breast cancer risk.

1. Broccoli

Broccoli is a nutritious and delicious vegetable. It has numerous vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy. The cancer-fighting properties of broccoli come from phytochemical sulforaphane, which fights cancer by destroying carcinogens. Carcinogens are known to cause cancer in your body. Broccoli is best when it’s eaten raw. Unless it’s steamed, broccoli loses most of its nutrition when cooked too long.

2. Avocado

Avocado has omega-3 and -6. These essential fatty acids provide you with numerous health benefits, including fighting cancer. Glutathione is the antioxidant found in avocados. It promotes healthy cells and fights the free radicals that cause cancer. This tasty fruit is eaten raw. You add it to salads, dips or recipes.

3. Carrot

Carrots aren’t just for your eyes. This vegetable is healthier for you when it’s eaten raw. The cancer-fighting benefits come from beta carotene and falcarinol. Falcarinol attacks free radicals in your body and prevents cancer from forming. Beta carotene decreases your chances of breast, lung and other cancers.

4. Citrus Fruit

Citrus fruit is shown to fight cancer, such as breast cancer, by eliminating cancerous cells out of your body. One fruit in particular that protects you against cancer is grapefruit. It has monoterpenes. Monoterpenes lower breast cancer risk by prohibiting the growth of cancerous cells.

5. Seaweed

The sushi you eat may help save your life. Seaweed is very nutritious and good for a variety of things. It has chlorophylones, cancer-fighting fatty acids that protect and prevent illness. This green sea vegetable also provides a good source of beta carotene, potassium and iron. All of these nutrients protect your cells.

6. Tofu

Tofu is an excellent source of phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are a form of non-steroid estrogen that lowers breast cancer cells. Research shows that the properties found in tofu slow down the growth of bad cells.

7. Tomato

Tomatoes have large quantities of lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant that lowers breast cancer risk. It also lowers prostate cancer in men. You’ll also find this healthy nutrient in watermelon and carrots.

8. Kale

Like all green leafy vegetables, kale provides numerous health benefits. It protects against cancer by using a nitrogen compound called indoles. Indoles may stop cancer lesions from forming in your breast. Kale also has phytochemicals, a substance also found in broccoli.

The fight against breast cancer is one that researchers hope to win. You can help lower your breast cancer risk by eating healthy foods and getting mammograms each year.


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