8 Features of the Best Body Fat Scales

When measuring body fat or the percentage of fat that makes up your overall weight with a body fat scale, there are features to consider that make for the best body fat scales:

1. Weight Capacity

The best body fat scales have a weight capacity of at least 330lbs or 150 kg. The higher weight capacity makes the scale more compatable to different weights. You will find that whether you are 130 lbs or 320 lbs, the best body fat scales will accomidate your size.

2. Minimum Weight Displayed

The minimum weight displayed on the best body fat scales should be at or below 1lb. This makes the scale’s reading more accurate. Even the smallest of change in body fat can be detected with a minimum weight display that is low. You will feel assured that the number you are reading is precise.

3. Accuracy

A scale that comes within 5% of actual body fat makes it a reliable scale. The lower the percentage away from the actual body fat measurement, the more accurate the reading will be. This feature is important because it takes the guess work out of the reading. When the scale is within 5% of the actual body fat it provides a better picture of how much fat makes up your body and allows you to set future goals easier.

4. Units of Measurement

It is important to have the ability to change the units of measurement on your body fat scale. This feature allows for you to customize your reading in the unit of measurement that you prefer.  The best scales will have a feature that allows you to change between pounds and kilograms.

5. High Resolution Screen

A high resolution LCD screen makes the numbers displayed easier to read. You will not have to strain or struggle to see your body fat reading on the screen, which makes the chore of reading your current body fat percentage quicker and easier.

6. Large Surface Area

The best body fat scales have a large surface area to step onto. The larger the area to stand on, the sturdier you feel when using the scale. The surface area should be at least 12 inches by 12 inches to accommodate all sizes of feet standing on the scale.

7. Power-By-Step

A feature that is important in a body fat scale is that it has the ability to be turned on by step. With this feature, you are able to push down on the scale’s foot pad and the scale turns on. In some scales, the same motion will also turn the scale off as well. You will find that a scale that turns on and off in this manor is easier to operate.

8. Automatic Off Feature

It is convenient to have a scale that will automatically shut off.  It saves batteries and eliminates the need for you to take an extra step to shut the scale off.

The best body fat scales on the market provide these 8 features. With these features, the scale allows for ease and convenience when taking your body fat measurement.


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