8 Easy Ways to Increase your Metabolism

Whether you want to shed some pounds, prevent yourself from regaining weight or simply feel more energetic, boosting your metabolism is a great way to accomplish these goals. Your metabolism is the combined total of all catabolic and anabolic processes in your body. Catabolic processes break down substances and anabolic processes build substances. These processes require energy that you get from food. When you boost your metabolism, your body burns more energy which allows you to be more active and lose weight faster or eat more without gaining weight. Let’s take a look at eight easy ways to speed up your metabolism:

1 Eat the Right Food

Some types of food help you speed up your metabolism. Green tea and chili pepper and calcium-rich foods help raise your metabolic rate in various ways. Protein takes the most energy to be digested and therefore raises your metabolism more than carbohydrates and fats.  Whole foods are better than processed foods as a general rule of thumb; they give your body more nutrients and take more energy to break down.

2 Eat in the Right Way

Never skip breakfast since it starts up your metabolism, and eat often and in small portions. This makes your body digest throughout the day and boost your metabolism slightly.

3 Eat Enough

A common mistake by people who try to lose weight is to eat too little. Extremely high calorie deficits force your body into starvation mode, which drops your metabolic rate drastically. Aside from this, your body is likely to use your muscle tissue as a source of energy which reduces your metabolic rate even further.

4 Drink Water

Water is the basis of all chemical processes in your body, without it everything comes to a halt. Staying well hydrated is one of the easiest ways of helping out your metabolism. If you drink your water cold with ice you even further the metabolic effect, since your body exerts extra energy to heat the water to body temperature.

5 Cardio

Starting at a minimum of 30 minutes a day several times a week, cardio exercise is a great way of raising the number of calories that you burn. Once your body gets used to the exercise you can crank the intensity up and explore high intensity interval training, which yields the greatest results in boosting your metabolism of all forms of cardio.

6 Weight Training

Weight training allows you to build your muscle mass. More muscle mass means burning more energy even during rest. This effect is amplified during physical exercise.

7 Reduce Stress

Stress causes the levels of cortisol to rise in your body. High levels of cortisol lower your metabolism and make your body break down protein into glucose which gets stored as fat. Cortisol also indirectly counteracts your body’s ability to build muscle tissue.

8 Sleep Well

Studies have shown that lack of sleep contributes to weight gain. This is partially explained by the production of growth hormones, which aid your metabolism and are produced while you sleep.


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