8 Best Cardio Exercises for Strengthening Your Knee

Strengthening knee joints is very important in keeping an active lifestyle. When the knees experience pain or injuries, it will be difficult to maintain a high level of activity. Even exercise levels can be reduced with bad knees. With reduced activity, it will definitely be harder to stay fit, and that will cause further problems as you age. 

Even people who have had injury to the knees can engage in the following exercises to keep themselves fit. Overall, these knee exercises will improve strength and provide support to the knee joints.

1. Step-Ups

No special equipment needed for this exercise; a staircase or stepping bench will do. Simply put your left or right foot on the step and push yourself up with your calf muscle. Touch the step with the other foot and put it down immediately. Repeat this exercise like you are climbing the stairs. Keep your ankle in line with the knee.

2. Side Leg Lifts

Use an exercise mat for this exercise. Lie on your left side of the body. Position your head on your left arm. Raise the right leg and lower it slowly. Use the exercise on both legs using as many repetitions you deem necessary.

3. Partial Squats

Use a chair or edge of the bed for this exercise. Stand a few feet away from the chair, with the knees aligned with the shoulders. Bend from the waist and hip till your forehead touches the chair. Return to your original position by using your hands to push off from the chair.

4. Calf Raises

The muscles surrounding the knees act as support, and it helps to strengthen the knees. You do not need equipment to perform this exercise. Simply stand with your feet at hips distance. Raise both your heels slowly from the ground and return to your original position slowly as well. Do not bend the knees. Repeat for as many times you are capable of doing.

5. Straight Leg Raises

Sit against a wall or a convenient flat surface. Bend the left leg while maintaining the left foot flat on the floor. Lift the right leg and hold it in the air as long as you can. Slowly bring it back down. Repeat this exercise for the right leg.

6. Hamstring Stretch

Strengthen your hamstring and knees with this exercise. Get on the ground and lay flat on your back with your legs straight. Pull your right leg towards you using a towel looped around your right thigh or knee. Hold it in place and bring it back down slowly. Do this for the left leg too.

7. Short Arc Knee Extensions

Position yourself like you did for the straight leg raises. This time, put a basketball under your right knee and slowly raise the right leg to its maximum possible height. Do this with the left leg too.

8. Stationary Exercise Bike

This is a combination of a low impact knee exercise and cardio workout. Simply pedal from a slow cycle to a fast cycle on the bike. Remember not to over bend the knees. 


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