7 Ways to Add Acai Berry to Your Diet

The acai berry grows on palm trees in the rainforests of Brazil, Belize and Peru, as well as in the Amazon. The berries are small, only about 1 inch in circumference, and contain 1 large seed which takes up about 80 percent of the berry. Acai berries are dark purple in color and resemble a blueberry.

Because the acai berries are high in fat, they do not last for more than a day or two after picking. Therefore, if you do not live close to an acai palm trees, you may not be able to enjoy them fresh. But, you can purchase them as a supplement, in powder form, in juice or frozen pulp. All forms are equally good for you, as they will help to remove toxins from the body and increase your energy levels.

The acai berry diet is not a special diet where you need to follow a strict set of rules in order to lose weight. But, when combined with a healthy diet and moderate exercise, they will help you to lose weight and be healthier. Here are some ways to add acai to your diet.

1. Breakfast

Start your day off right by adding acai to your breakfast. You can add the frozen pulp on top of your pancakes or waffles. If you enjoy cereal and oatmeal, then you can add the frozen pulp, juice or the powder for extra nutrients.

2. Baking

The frozen acai pulp may be used in your cakes as a substitute for other fruits. You can also use them as a filler in pies, or substitute for chocolate chips when baking cookies.

3. Cooking

Acai juice can be substituted for all other juices or wines which are required in your cooking recipes. It works great for your marinades, sauces and salad dressings, as it goes well with meat and potatoes, as well as salads and steamed or raw vegetables. 

4. Snacks

Stir the pulp in with your favorite yogurt and enjoy! In the summertime, you can freeze acai juice into popsicles to help you stay cool on hot days.

5. Deserts

Frozen acai pulp can be served over ice cream, cakes, pies or in parfaits. Children will love it, and they won’t even know they are eating a healthy treat.

6. Drinks

Add some acai powder, frozen pulp or juice to your morning fruit and vegetable smoothies. Acai goes well with just about any other fruit or vegetable and adds more nutrients to the drink to keep you energized longer. 

7. Supplements

An easy way to add acai to your diet is with supplements. Simply take 2 capsules daily before your meals to improve your digestion of foods.

You may not be able to find acai at your local grocery store, but most health foods stores usually carry 1 or more products of acai. You can also purchase the products online, but make sure that you read all the labels to ensure that it is 100 percent natural, as there have been reports of acai berry diet scams.


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