7 Vegetables High in Calcium

Getting the calcium you need is as easy as including vegetables in your diet. There are calcium supplements out there but the best way to increase and maintain the proper calcium levels in your body is to do it the old-fashioned way, by eating foods that are high in this important mineral.

What are the Benefits of Calcium?

Calcium is essential for the development of bones and their continued health and strength throughout your life. Lack of calcium in your body can cause your muscles to spasm and malfunction in other ways. These are only short-term effects of calcium deficiency; in the long term, osteoporosis is definitely a risk.  Besides its vital importance to bone and muscle health, some studies show that calcium may decrease your risk for colon cancer. A calcium-rich diet can also reduce your blood pressure.

Now that you know how important calcium is here is a list of seven vegetables that will help you to consume the recommended daily amount, which is 1,000 mg.

1. Bok Choy

This popular Chinese vegetable is amazingly high in calcium, with 158 mg per cup. If you have not tried this vegetable, it would be great to incorporate it into your diet. If you are not sure how to cook it, don’t worry there are thousands of recipes available on how to make this a delicious side dish.

2. Okra

Okra, often dismissed because of its slimy/gummy consistency, is one vegetable you should not overlook. This vegetable contains 123 mg per cup and is a great way for you to thicken a stew or sauce.

3. French Beans

French beans are not only scrumptious but calcium-rich and filled with a respectable 112 mg per cup. These are common vegetables and easy to prepare, so they won’t pose any difficulty in adding them to any of your menus.

4. Swiss Chards

Swiss chard, also referred to as spinach beet or seakale beet, is in the same family as the garden beet. While not especially popular, has 102 mg of calcium. If Swiss chard is cooked correctly can be tasty.

5. Kale

Kale is a leafy vegetable that is a type of cabbage. This vegetable contains 94 mg of calcium per cup and is cooked in a variety of ways.

6. Chinese Broccoli

Not to be confused with ordinary broccoli, Chinese broccoli is a blue-green leafy vegetable that has 88mg of calcium per cup. Compared to the more popular broccoli that only has 31 mg of calcium (still a decent amount); it is a powerhouse of calcium.

7. Celery

We all know celery, include it in many dishes, and consume it regularly as part of a variety of diets. But did you know that it contains 63 mg of calcium per cup?

All of the calcium amounts listed for these vegetables is after they have been cooked. Some of them may be unfamiliar to you but that’s OK. You now have the opportunity to experiment with different vegetables and recipes, which will add excitement to your meals and get you on the road to a calcium-rich body.   


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