7 Sugar-Free Dessert Choices

There are many simple ways to create a sugar free dessert if just a little compromise is made with the ingredients. Fruit and honey are great natural sweeteners that can be used in many types of desserts without the need for any additional sugar. If extra sweetness is called for, there are some excellent substitutes available that will do the job just as well as regular sugar.

Here are 7 sugar-free desserts:

1. Chocolate Strawberry Roll

Simple and delicious, this is a great ambassador for the sugar free dessert, as it shows that a great tasting dessert doesn’t have to have any sugar in it at all. By whisking together egg yolks, sugar-free raspberry jam, some fresh strawberries, cocoa powder, diabetic chocolate and corn flour, this transforms in your oven to a wonderfully chocolatey dessert that everyone will love.

2. Fruit Sundae

Keep hold of that diabetic or sugar-free chocolate, because it can also be used to make refreshingly sweet fruity desserts. Feel free to use your own choice of fruit, cut into small chunks, and layer it in sundae glasses with whipping cream mixed with the grated chocolate. Top with sugar free ice cream and a final sprinkling of the chocolate for a dessert that looks as good as it tastes.

3. Sugar Free Cheesecake

It is incredible easy to replace sugar in desserts with so many substitutes on the market today, so there is no reason to miss out on even the most unlikely of dishes. By using sugar-free biscuits mixed with honey, butter and cinnamon, a delicious cheesecake base can be made without any need for sugar. For the topping, all the sweetness is provided in the form of sugar-free fruit jam and fresh fruit combined with low-fat cream cheese.

4. Apple Crumble

A hearty classic dessert that has been a family favorite for generations, there is no reason to sacrifice this just because you are on a sugar-freer diet!  Again, fruit is the key as it’s natural sugars will provide all the sweetness you need. Try combining the apple filling with some sugar-free apple jam or sauce, some berries, a teaspoon of cinnamon for extra flavor, and some granulated sugar substitute.

5. Chocolate Ice Cream

The intense chocolatey hit this cool dessert delivers masks the fact that it is made without sugar. Using plain diabetic or sugar-free chocolate again, combine it with a good quality cocoa powder, some sugar-free strawberry jam and some heavy cream to create this wonderfully rich and creamy treat. For those of you on a low fat diet, beware though, as the heavy cream in this one can contain a fair amount of fat.

6. Honeycomb

Yes, even the sweetest of foods can be recreated without the need for sugar. This honeycomb is wonderfully crisp when bitten and lovely and chewy in the mouth. Containing just 3 ingredients, it is simplicity itself.

Simply dissolve in a heavy pan some honey and granulated sweetener, before adding a little bicarbonate of soda to the mix. Once it has been poured into a tray and cooled, it can be broken into pieces to be eaten like cookies, or crumbled on top of some sugar-free ice cream.

7. Banana Mousse

The use of ripe bananas in cooking is a great tip for adding sweetness without the need of extra sugar. Ripe bananas can become almost too sweet to eat by themselves, but they make an excellent ingredient to desserts such as this mousse.

Mash together the banana in a bowl with some double cream, then add to a mixture of gelatin dissolved in hot water and whisk. Place in the fridge to set, and serve with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkling of grated sugar-free dark chocolate for an easy dessert that is a great hit with kids and adults alike.


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