7 Snack and Meal Ideas for The Fast Track Detox Diet

The Fast Track Detox Diet is a great way to jump start your weight loss and cleanse your body. Before you do the one-day fast, you have to prepare the body with a week of adding liver-supporting and colon-supporting foods to your diet. This will help your body tolerate the fast and it will start the process of flushing fat for optimum results. For this week, it’s important to focus your diet on raw foods, organic foods and whole foods. You want to phase out foods that contain flour unless it is made from quinoa, amaranth or buckwheat. You want to avoid processed foods and start integrating whole foods and cleansing foods. Here are 7 snack and meal ideas for the Fast Track Detox Diet preparation week.

1. Brown Rice Cakes with Raw Almond Butter

Your body will find brown rice easy to digest and familiar. Try to find an organic rice cake with no added salt or sugar. Then find a raw almond butter that is also preferably organic. Raw almond butter will give the body valuable protein and does not contain the potentially harmful free radicals that exist when you cook nuts.

2. Raw Sprouted Almonds and Dried Whole Blueberries

Sprouted nuts and seeds allow the body to absorb the protein in the nuts more effectively. Sprouted nuts retain the important nutrients in the nuts. Find whole dried blueberries that have no added sugar and were dried naturally versus being cooked or flash dried.

3. Seaweed Wraps

Seaweed is a highly nutritious food with many minerals that support liver and kidney functioning. Get a Nori sheet and fill with chopped cucumbers, lime juice, and some cooked quinoa. Quinoa is an ancient grain that is easy to digest and does not spike the blood sugar.

4. Strawberry and Kiwi Salad

These two fruits are the lowest sugar choices and have valuable vitamin C and fiber. Make sure to buy organic strawberries so that you’re not taking in harmful chemicals. Chop and mix together.

5. Macro Bowl

This is a great dish for lunch or dinner. First make a sauce consisting of raw almond butter, raw tahini, lemon juice and garlic. Blend in a food processor. Mix together some cooked quinoa, raw dino kale, shredded carrots, and shredded raw and sprouted almonds. Mix in some organic kim chi. Top with some of your tahini sauce.

6. Miso Squash Soup

Chop up yellow squash, green onions, garlic, course and unrefined sea salt, and some lemon juice. Add in about 2 tablespoons of mellow white or yellow miso. Cover with water and bring to a boil and then simmer for 30 minutes. Put into a blender and serve. You can serve it with quinoa or garnish with shredded raw almonds or carrots.

7. Acai Smoothie

The acai berry is full of fiber and antioxidants. You can buy unsweetened pure smoothie packets. Blend with some raw almond milk and Stevia for sweetening.


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