7 Secrets To Help Lose Weight Without Pills

If you are tired of diet fads, and you want to know how you can lose weight without pills (that don’t seem to work anyway), keep reading for 7 secrets that can put you on the right path today.  

Secret #1: Green Tea

Start drinking green tea.  It’s really no secret that green tea contains antioxidants that are healthy for you.  What you may not have realized is that green tea has been shown to be an effective appetite suppressant and metabolism booster.  Even just 2-3 cups per day can make a difference for you. 

Secret #2: Call a Friend

Enlisting the support of a friend, and working to lose weight together, can be a very effective weight loss incentive.  You can call each other instead of reaching for high fat and sugary snacks.  You can schedule time together to walk in the mornings or evenings.  You can even make it a fun and friendly competition or exchange healthy recipes.  Even better is to make it a group effort, involving more than one friend. 

Secret #3: Use Commercials

That’s right, use commercials to lose weight.  Every time a commercial comes on during your favorite shows, get up and exercise.  Even if it’s just walking around the living room in circles, moving is moving.  Try sit ups, crunches, jump rope, leg lifts, and anything that gets your body moving. 

Secret #4: Chew Gum

Every time you get the urge to snack on something unhealthy, grab a piece of sugar-free gum instead.  It will take away the craving and get your mind on something else.  Make sure to keep plenty of gum around your house, in your car, in your desk, and in your purse or briefcase. 

Secret #5: Brush Your Teeth

Again, when the urge to snack comes, go straight to the bathroom and brush your teeth.  The fresh taste in your mouth will take away the desire to snack on something sugary.  Just make sure you are using a soft head toothbrush and toothpaste that does not strip away the enamel from your teeth. 

Secret #6: Write it Down

Start keeping a small notebook with you wherever you are, and jot down everything that goes into your mouth. This will help you to identify your eating patterns, and keep you aware of when you are experiencing those cravings that hurt you the most.  Cutting calories is one of the best ways to succeed in healthy weight loss, but you can’t cut calories if you don’t know what and where they are.

Secret #7: Set Small Goals

Instead of setting a lofty weight loss goal that might seem discouraging or out of reach, set a small goal.  Have an ideal weight in mind, but focus on what your two month goal will be.  If you commit to losing five pounds in six weeks, you are much more likely to be successful in the long run.


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