7 Rewards to Give Yourself When You Lose Weight

Losing weight itself is a great reward, but finding smaller ways to keep us motivated and give ourselves a pat on the back is a nice treat that can help keep us motivated. When we think of rewards, food often comes to mind. This isn’t a problem from time to time, but the focus of a reward should not be solely on food. Here are a variety of non-food rewards to treat yourself for a weight loss well done!

Say Yes to a Spa Day

It can be anything from an extravagant massage to a quick manicure, but treating yourself at the spa or salon is a fun way to celebrate your efforts. Being pampered can really help to rejuvenate and relax you. If cost is an issue, consider putting aside a few dollars every week so you can splurge for the day guilt-free.

Nab A New Outfit

One of the most satisfying times after losing weight is going shopping for a new wardrobe. A new sense of confidence is often born when pounds are shed and your style should reflect that. Although you don’t want to break the bank each time you hit a weight-loss milestone, invest in a great pair of jeans or a fabulous top as a reward for all your hard work. It will make you feel great inside and out.

Clean out Clutter

Nothing feels like a better reward than clearing out the clutter in your closet. As a reward for the weight you’ve lost, start by going through your closet and donating the items that no longer fit you. This will help to provide extra reassurance that you are committed to your weight-loss goals.

Schedule Quiet Time

Quiet time is seen as a rarity for many, especially if you have a busy household. Ask for or set aside “me” time. This can include reading a book, sleeping in, a hot bubble bath or just lounging around. Sometimes the best rewards are the simplest. We often don’t set aside time to decompress and unwind so this is a wonderful treat for those with very busy lives.

Change Up Your Workout Playlist

A great way to keep you motivated and refreshed after hitting a weight-loss goal is to change up your workout playlist. New music is easy to access and download so this reward can provide you instant gratification. Also, purchasing three or four songs will not wreak havoc on your budget.

Subscription to a Health and Fitness Magazine

Magazine subscriptions are a simple reward that you can enjoy year long. The cost is relatively low and choosing a health and fitness focused magazine will provide that continued incentive to be healthy. Health and fitness magazines provide a fresh perspective on exercises to try, healthy recipes, and tips for success.

Plan a Weekend Trip

Nothing says reward like a weekend getaway. Depending on your budget, this can even be a night’s stay at a local hotel. Nowadays, many websites provide deals in your area and include a variety of fun activities at a discounted rate. Although there is more planning involved, enjoying a little getaway can be the perfect indulgence and repayment for dropping those inches.


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