7 Organic Supplements to Help Lower Back Pain

People throughout the world suffer with some sort of lower back pain. Although there are many ways to alleviate the problem, you may find organic supplements to help your lower back pain. Organic is sometimes deemed as a better alternative than the synthetic supplements that are so commonly used. Taking synthetic supplements is not bad, but there is always something better.

Taking Organic Supplements

There are many different types of organic supplements you can take that have been shown to provide some relief from lower back pain. Be sure to check with your doctor before starting or adding any of these to your diet.

  1. Capsaicin is the active ingredient in chili peppers. Purchased in a cream formula, this is applied to the lower back no more than four times a day. This is sold in most health food stores and helps to relieve pain.
  2. Saw palmetto can be used. This is an anti-inflammatory. That means it will help any inflammation that may be causing your back pain to worsen.
  3. Chamomile is another organic supplement you can add. This one helps to relax your muscles.
  4. Another supplement you can choose is willow bark and salicin. The bark that comes from the white willow tree has an effect similar to an aspirin. The salicin can help to reduce the inflammation, in turn relieving some of the pain.
  5. Grape seed extract is another good supplement to add. This is an anti-inflammatory that also increases your blood circulation.
  6. Fish oil is yet another organic supplement you can take to help relieve your back pain.
  7. Organic silicon is also a supplement you can take. This has helped to relieve pain and inflammation for many people who suffer with lower back pain.

Why Take Organic Supplements?

Synthetic supplements are made in a laboratory. They are made with chemicals that are not as easily absorbed by the body. The body is made to absorb all the necessary nutrients from the foods we eat, but due to the rise in processed food, this is not always the case. Choosing to eat organic foods and whole foods is the best way to go. These do not contain any harmful pesticides or insecticides. When choosing to go with organic supplements, these will be absorbed into the body within minutes. If you use synthetic supplements it can take much longer for the body to get the benefits from them.

Organic supplements also support a healthy lifestyle. They deliver a high dose of antioxidants and other needed minerals. Synthetics are made to act like the real minerals and vitamins you get. The organics are the real thing, and not made with chemicals. Choose organic whenever possible. This will help to relieve your lower back pain and give you a healthier lifestyle in all aspects.


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