7 Nutritional Benefits of Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are reddish brown legumes used in a variety of dishes. This wholesome and nutritious bean is used to make chili, soups and rice dishes. If you haven’t tried this tasty bean, then keep reading. Here are seven nutritional benefits of kidney beans. You’ll learn how this super legume is good for your diet.  

1. Fiber

Fiber is known to prevent constipation. It keeps your colon and digestion tract healthy as well. You receive most of your fiber intake from vegetables and legumes, such as kidney beans. This type of fiber is healthier and better for you than the fiber found in meat. Fiber is also an excellent way to maintain a strong cardiovascular system. It helps prevent heart disease and high cholesterol.

2. Folate

Folate provides several nutritional benefits. This nutrient is recommended if you’re pregnant. It helps your developing baby grow and thrive before birth. Folate also works against heart disease and other cardiovascular illnesses. One cup of kidney beans provides your daily intake of folate.

3. Protein

Kidney beans are an exceptional source of protein. You need protein to build strong muscles. Your red blood cells also depend on protein to carry oxygen-rich blood to every organ of your body. If you’re embarking on an all-protein diet, then consider adding kidney beans to your meal plan. It’s a safer and more productive way to get the lean muscle you desire. The protein found in red meat isn’t as healthy as legume protein. Red meat can lead to cardiovascular disease.

4. Calories

The calories in kidney beans are moderate. These calories convert to energy and keep you going throughout the day. You also have more energy to exercise and lose weight. Try adding kidney beans to a salad or low calorie soup during lunch. You’ll have more energy in the afternoon.

5. Fat

Kidney beans are low in fat. This fat is easily used up during exercise. Kidney beans have both saturated and unsaturated fat. The unsaturated fat is very low compared to other foods. The saturated fat in these beans helps keep you strong and maintain a healthy weight. It’s better to cook kidney beans without fatty meats and oils. You maintain the low fat benefits of the beans.

6. Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is produced naturally in the liver. According to the American Heart Association, cholesterol isn’t bad until you produce or eat too much of it. Kidney beans are cholesterol free. This nutritional benefit promotes a stronger cardiovascular system.

7. Sodium

The low sodium benefits of the kidney bean help you avoid high blood pressure and fluid retention. Unlike foods containing high amounts of sodium, kidney beans are naturally low in this nutrient.

Kidney beans make the perfect addition to any diet. They have other important vitamin and mineral nutritional benefits that your body needs. This bean is high in iron, magnesium, vitamin C and phosphorus. Kidney beans also provide vitamin A and potassium.


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