7 Kinds of Fun Family Exercise

No matter how many people you have in your family, or how much they vary in age, there are a number of different types of fun, family exercise that you can all engage in together. Be sure to check these out today!


One of the best fun family exercises that you and your family can participate in is hiking. Hiking is great because, like other types of exercise, it can be performed by almost anyone, regardless of their age of current ability level. For best results, be sure to plan ahead. Pack enough water, snacks, binoculars, and cameras for you and the entire family.

Riding Bikes

Riding bikes is another great way to get active with your family. Make sure that everyone has helmets and other protective gear before setting out on a ride. In addition, you may want to have your family properly fitted to their bikes in order to ensure optimal results on the bike ride.


Swimming is a great summer activity that not only helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system, but also increases muscle tone as well as mass in the muscles and shoulders. Be sure that when swimming with your family, there is at least one member who is an advanced swimmer, and can provide support, technique, and basic tips to the beginning swimmers. In addition, at least one of the people present should be skilled in CPR in case of an emergency.

Walking the Dog

Walking the dog is a great way to get your family active. In addition, it teaches the younger members of your family the importance of daily physical activity, and forces them to become more responsible. Try to map out several routes on which you and your family can walk the dog. You may want to drive these routes in your car in order to determine total length and difficulty level before actually attempting them.

Washing the Car

Washing the car is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Not only can you get a required chore out of the way, but you can also engage your family in some great physical activity. For best results, give each member of your family one or two chores. For example, one person can wet the car down, another can wash it, and another can rinse off the soap and dry the car.


For a great family activity during the winter months, try skiing. Skiing is a great activity because it allows you to get your exercise in while at the same time having a great vacation! When skiing, be sure to start your family out slowly. Make sure that all members are able to master the bunny hills before moving onto move difficult trails.

Apple Picking

Finally, a great family exercise during the fall is apple picking. Like skiing, this one allows your family to get a great deal of exercise without even realizing it. Bending down to pick up apples, climbing ladders, and carrying heavy buckets are all great ways to improve your health!


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