7 Healthy Snacks for a Sweet Tooth

A common problem when dieting is finding ways to satisfy your sweet tooth with healthy snacks. Often, your notion of a healthy snack is to forego all sweets, right? So, you deprive yourself of delicious treats like pastries and desserts. When you are trying to save calories, it does not necessarily mean that you’ll have to do away with sweets completely. You can always go for some sweet, healthy snacks without breaking your diet. Below are 7 healthy snacks you can sink your teeth into:

1. Smoothies

Tangy, fruity, and creamy. These are the three words that best describe a nice smoothie. To make one, you can put yogurt and milk in a blender, and then mix them on medium until creamy. After which, add banana and mix again. For more fruity taste, add additional fruits until all ingredients are well blended. Pour into a glass and top it with fat-free whipped cream or strawberry, and you are in for a heavenly treat.

2. Sugar-Free Pudding

This is an excellent treat if you want to satisfy that chocolate craving. You can choose to make your own or buy the pre-made packs like the Fat-Free or Sugar-Free Jell-O Chocolate Pudding. Sugar-free pudding from Jell-O contains only 35 calories, letting you enjoy the tasty chocolate flavor while leaving the sugar and fat behind.

3. Fruit Salad

Fresh fruit is a great low-calorie snack. It is naturally sweet and is a great choice for those who are on a diet, but still want to satisfy a sweet tooth. However, a single piece can get boring. So for more variety, better make a fruit salad by mixing not just two, but three or more types of fruits. You’ll enjoy indulging yourself in a variety of fruit tastes and textures.

4. Yogurt Parfait

To make a tasty parfait, you need three main ingredients: yogurt, fruits and granola. Simply layer these three in a tall glass. Take note, however, that a single serving of granola is small. So make sure to double check the box whether the packet is more than one serving. You certainly wouldn’t want to take in more calories than you expect.

5. Popsicles

Remember the smoothies you made? Well, you can always make a frozen delight out of it. Pour them in small containers and freeze to enjoy your healthy popsicles. These snacks are low calorie and are great treats on a hot humid day.

6. Baked Apples

Have you tried eating apples when warm? They taste great. especially when you sprinkle them with a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg. Also, try to core the apples and stuff them with additional fruits like raisin for extra delight.

7. Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Just like sugar-free chocolate pudding, fruits dipped in chocolate like strawberries allow you to enjoy the taste of chocolates without the guilt. The bulk of these desserts are fruits, so no worries about the added calories. You can also choose pears and bananas if you are not into strawberries.


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  • Holly

    Sugar Free jell-o pudding isn’t healthy..it has artificial sweeteners like Aspartame in it, which is probably worse than the sugar itself. I say to skip the jell-o pudding altogether and opt for an all natural organic version from your local health food store.