7 Health Side Effects of Bulimia

Bulimia presents itself in many different ways. Before any detrimental side effect settle in, several signs become prevalent which often become worse as time continues. Those who suffer from this eating disorder tend to brush off the signs of bulimia.

Sign #1: Fasting or Starvation

Before anything else, most bulimics will go through long phases of fasting. These individuals rarely stop to think of the consequences that will occur from regularly and improperly depriving themselves.

Sign #2: Binging

The second step in the bulimic cycle, binging, involves eating large quantities of food in one sitting. This symptom acts as another hard to spot effect of bulimia for those keeping an eye out for friends or family members. Only the person who suffers from bulimia has to clear ability to notice this trend.

Binging leads to several other problems before causing extremely adverse side effects.

Sign #3: Purging

Bulimics purge in a number of different ways. This practice works to deplete the body and remove previously consumed food by any means necessary. Most bulimics cause themselves to vomit while others use medications, laxatives and diuretics to rid their bodies of food.

Others who suffer from this eating disorder will obsessively exercise in order to burn calories and lose weight after purging or eating. Many bulimics will exercise while fasting as well, which poses risks such as heat exhaustion.

Sign #4: Depression

Several bulimics will begin to feel depressed. This tends to occur when our bodies become depleted of nutrition from food which helps stimulate brain cells and nerves. A constant state of depression does not cause any adverse health effect, though most depressed individuals lack any motivation to become socially active.

Depression does lead to suicidal thoughts for some.

Sign #5: Heartburn

One key indicator of bulimia involves heart burn or indigestion. Consuming large amounts of food all at once, especially those food items containing a large volume of oils and salt, tend to cause similar effects.

The binging that bulimics take part in most often causes heartburn and indigestion.

Sign #6: Bloating

Another sign that occurs as a result of binging and fasting involves the bloated look that gets associated with starving children in undeveloped nations. Bloating sometimes occurs when one consumes too much food at once. Some of the nutrients in food items work to retain water and liquids, causing a bloated appearance.

Also, fasting and self induced starvation cause bloating because of the lack of a balance of nutrition. Eating only certain foods while limiting others tend to cause the bloated look.

Sign #7: Constipation

If you know someone who looks unhealthy and they complain about having troubles with bowel movements, bulimia acts as a probable cause. People who suffer from bulimia tend to binge by eating tremendous amounts of food all at once. This irregular food cycle can confuse their digestive system, leading to constipation.

Our bodies do not have the ability to properly digest vast amounts of food, especially when we have caused ourselves to fast or starve for weeks at a time.


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