7 Health Benefits/Risks of the Banana Diet


The Banana Diet began as a popular Japanese fad diet. The Banana Diet claims that dieters can achieve weight loss simply by eating bananas and drinking room temperature water for breakfast. Dieters are advised to avoid dairy products, sweets and alcohol, to refrain from eating after 8:00 PM and to always go to bed before midnight. Here are the health benefits and risks of the Banana Diet.

1) Benefit: May Reduce Your Chances of Overeating

The Banana Diet requires dieters to eat a breakfast of bananas every day. While bananas have no special health benefit, eating breakfast every day curbs your appetite and can reduce your chances of overeating later in the day. Because you’re not allowed to eat after 8:00 PM on this diet, you’ll also be a lot less likely to overeat in the evening, when you’re even more likely to snack on high calorie foods. However, you’ll have to have a lot of discipline to avoid overeating on this diet, since it doesn’t place you under any portion controls or calorie limits.

2) Benefit: May Help Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels

The Banana Diet forbids dieters from consuming caffeine at breakfast, which can lead to more stable blood sugar levels throughout the day. However, the Banana Diet offers a pure carbohydrate breakfast. This may be unsuitable for those who have problems maintaining adequately high blood sugar levels, such as hypoglycemics.

3) Benefit: Bananas Are Good for You

Bananas are high in dietary fiber, which can help stabilize blood sugar levels and may inhibit your body’s ability to absorb some simple carbohydrates. Bananas are high in potassium and vitamins C and B6.

4) Benefit: Reduces Sugar and Fat Intake

The Banana Diet eliminates dairy products and sweets, which are often high in calories from fat and sugar. Eliminating these foods drastically reduces your consumption of fats and sugars. Eliminating alcohol also drastically reduces your sugar intake.

5) Risk: May Not Be Appropriate

Some dieters, especially hypoglycemics, require a more substantial, protein rich breakfast. The Banana Diet offers a pure carbohydrate breakfast, which may be dangerous for some. It may leave others feeling hungry earlier in the day.

6) Risk: Requires a Lot of Discipline

While the Banana Diet eliminates sweets, alcohol and dairy foods and requires dieters to stop eating after 8:00 PM, it doesn’t place any further restrictions on diet except that dieters eat bananas for breakfast. This means that dieters without an inner sense of discipline and motivation may not fare well on this diet. While eliminating dairy products, sweets and alcohol from the diet also eliminates a large amount of fat and sugar from the diet, undisciplined dieters could cancel out that reduction by eating too much protein and carbohydrate.

7) Risk: No Exercise Recommendations

The Banana Diet doesn’t make any exercise recommendations for dieters, even though regular moderate exercise is just as important as diet to good health. Most dieters won’t be able to achieve their goal weight through diet alone. Exercise is key to weight loss and maintaining good health.


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