7 Health Benefits of Zucchini

When you’re looking at vegetables that can do the most good for your weight loss or fitness diet, zucchini should be one of the top choices. Opting towards more plant-based foods in your diet is a very powerful way to increase your overall health, while dropping pounds, gaining energy and generally making you feel better. Zucchini has many major health benefits without many disadvantages. Think about all of these positive aspects when considering whether to buy zucchini and use it in meals.

1. Low Calorie Food

Zucchini is incredibly low in calories. A healthy serving of this vegetable delivers less than 25 calories, an almost unheard of number in the general roster of calorie counts. That makes zucchini a great way to get full without loading up on calories and sinking a diet plan.

2. Protein and Fiber

Both protein and fiber are good for your diet. Dietary fiber helps to bond vitamins and minerals for the best nutritional delivery, and protein gives you energy for the day. Both of these are in zucchini in significant amounts.

3. Water Content

Hydration is another important element of diet. Eating cheesy, doughy foods with high sodium levels or other processed choices can leave your body gasping for water. This doesn’t happen with zucchini and other green vegetables that have a lot of water in them. Even well cooked zucchini will not contribute to dehydration the way a lot of foods can.

4. Folate

This ingredient of zucchini is good for pregnant women. Talk to your doctor about your diet if you are pregnant to get qualified medical advice on what is optimal during your pregnancy.

5. Potassium

Potassium is another nutritional element that you need for good health. Zucchini includes a generous amount of potassium for a balanced, healthy diet.

6. Beta-carotene

Another element that zucchini has is beta-carotene. This essential vitamin is found in the rind of the zucchini, so to get all of the available nutritional value, don’t skin this plant before cooking it. Do wash the rind thoroughly before cooking.

7. Vitamin C

Zucchini also has this vitamin, which is a powerful antioxidant. In general, lots of green plants contain antioxidants. This is important, as scientists have found that antioxidants help to fight off a lot of different illnesses, including heart conditions and some kinds of cancer. Vitamin C, in particular, is also a source of nutrition that your body needs to avoid health conditions like scurvy, where a vitamin C deficiency produces severely unhealthy results.

All of the above make zucchini a treasured part of a weight loss diet, or any kind of meal schedule for encouraging better health. Eating enough fruits and vegetables is so important that many top nutritionists are taking more time to promote healthy food choices that will keep you more fit and capable during every stage of your life.


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